8 theater experiences we can't wait for

Once again, CPH STAGE has appointed a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form this year’s Programme Committee and select events from the programme: This year’s highlights!

  • Metamorphoses
    Det Kongelige Teater

    ”You will be completely spellbound by Elisa Kragerup’s production ”Metamorfoser”, where Ovid’s words merge with strong visual images. A complex universe in all its simplicity in Det Røde Rum (The Red Room).”

  • Post No Bills
    Kitt Johnson X-act

    ”The unique dancer Kitt Johnson performs a solo which looks at man’s existence in times of crisis. A raw space provides the backdrop for this dark story, while Johnson’s tiny body and its simple movements take the observer by storm.”

  • Seduced

    ”Be lured to one of the city’s forgotten spas, where  actors and audience are on the same footing–  in bathing costumes and with towels. This performance, with its erotic undertones, will not only arouse your curiosity but also break down all conventions for a usual trip to the theatre.”

  • Who has the honour?
    Odense Teater

    ”Honour is put under the microscope when the Syrian writer, Ibrahim Amir, confronts one of today’s great taboos .”

  • The Museum of Martyrs

    ”TOETT (TWO ONE) is a team of newly-qualified talents, that challenges the conventional perception of theatre and explores one of today’s hottest topics: the martyr. TOETT explores innovative creative approaches to performance art.”

  • The Story of the Eye

    ”Going over the edge. LOGEN, an up and coming young collective of talented artists,  captures the audience by taking one of history’s greatest pornographic works and creating theatre that kickstarts all the senses”.

  • Happy Nation
    Teater Katapult

    “We take a look at writer and dramatist Bjørn Rasmussen, recently nominated for Noridsk Råds Litteraturpris (Nordic Council’s Literature Prize) 2016 for his collection of poetry ”Ming”.

  • Odin Theatre

    The Programme Committee has chosen to honour Odin Theatre for its long-standing theatre success. The theatre has created a school for a particular language form and theory-based approach to performance arts, that has inspired artists both in Denmark and abroad.