Experience Danish Theatre with English subtitles

Now is your chance to experience contemporary Danish drama and theatrical classics featuring award-winning Danish actors, directors and designers even if you do not understand Danish. Six Copenhagen theatres and the KBHT (Københavns Teatersamarbjede) are working with CPH STAGE to present THEATRE FOR ALL, a scheme designed to make Danish performance art accessible to a […]

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Thank you!

Dear guests, Thank you! Without you, the festival would not have been the same. In return, we are happy to share some big news with you. In 2015, we had an amazing festival with 20.000 guests visiting. This year we broke our own record with more than 30.000 people attending! Isn’t that a reason to […]

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What’s hot at CPH STAGE?

Dear guests, CPH STAGE has just started on its second week, which means that you have five days left to experience the performances still playing. We have more than 50 performances available for non-Danish speakers, so knock yourself out. Be fast, these two performances (will) only play tonight: Black Side by Location X playing at […]

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CP June


  A SELECTION OF ENGLISH-SPEAKING/NONVERBAL THEATRE FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS! CPH STAGE is delighted to welcome guests from across the world to experience Danish and International theatre at its best, but we realise that it can be difficult to know where to start! So, to introduce Danish theatre to newcomers to the city, tourists, or […]

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CPH STAGE is proud to present its biggest ever selection of plays, performances and events available to non-Danish speakers!   Check out our first ever INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMME where you can find detailed information on all plays and performances available for non-Danish speakers. The programme includes 56 plays in English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish and […]

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frivillig cph stage 2014

CPH STAGE 2016 is looking for volunteers

If you love theatre and want to be part of the team behind CPH STAGE, you now have the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will be an indispensable part of the festival team and thus help create the biggest CPH STAGE so far with over 110 plays and performances. THE BENEFITS: Depending on your interests and […]

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DSC_1620 - Kopi

Look forward to CPH STAGE 2016!

CPH STAGE’s festival team is running with high speed these days. From the 1st to the 12th of June CPH STAGE will take over the streets and theatre venues of Copenhagen showing theatre plays, performance art, readings and much more. With numerous Danish and international theatre artists and companies involved we can look forward to […]

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airport republique


NOVEMBER 12-28 REPUBLIQUE Kristján Ingimarsson, who created the Reumert-winning show BLAM !, is back. This time the airport is exposed to Ingimarssons familiar, physical and rebellious style. AIRPORT unfolds with visuality, humor and playfulness bodies. The airport is a place full of promises where the world lays open at your feet, and dreams are aboout […]

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CPH STAGE is proud to present our newest outreach platform that aims to provide the public with an overview of theatre and performing arts available for non-Danish speakers. As our society becomes more culturally diverse, the demand and offer of performing arts in English keeps growing. CPH STAGE has taken the initiative to ease the connection […]

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next door

Next Door re-premiere

OUT OF BALANZ PRESENTS NEXT DOOR AT TEATER V 5 – 8TH OF NOVEMBER 2015 When Ivan Hansen’s neighbor Pekka suddenly dies, Ivan realizes that he does not know anything about Pekka. How can you live right next to someone for years without getting to know them? Intimate storytelling and explosive physical theater examine what […]

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