A Man called Rolex

Teatergruppen Batida


It could have been a Greek tragedy, but turns into a black comedy from the former Eastern European block. A journey to a past not so far away.
The Great Leader sees himself as the father figure of the country.
The talented painter creates the paintings of the Great Leader – inspiring and full of life. But one night the painter falls in love with a beautiful woman, who forever disturbs his divine brushstroke – and their meeting results in an unwanted son. The baby boy is put away in an orphanage, but grows up to make a career in the secret police…
The story deals with freedom of mind, artists’ dilemmas in a totalitarian regime, and families that survive because of their spark of life.

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  • Alex Byrne (Director)
  • Nathalie Mellbye (Scenographer)
  • Batidas ensemble (Actor)
  • Alex Byrne og Søren Valente Ovesen (Playwright)
    Batidas ensemble (Composer)


Batidas Teaterhus
Rentemestervej 25
2400 København NV