Map of Forgotten Connections

Teaterforeningen Legio


Four people, two men and two women, are torn from their past and hurled into various chapters of life which they have either experienced themselves, read about in a book or seen in a movie.

The scenes are variations on life. A close friendship that ends in polite interrogation, a fiery awkward confrontation with a father extinguished over a cup of tea and the indescribable, intense love relationship that when written down takes up half a page.

In the play we bumble around in a labyrinth that doesn’t have any entrances or exits. At times it is like a real amusement park, at others it is a hell without any particular meaning.

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  • Emil Hansen (Director)
  • Jonas Vest (Sound Designer)
  • Brian Larsen (Sound Designer)
  • Mikkel Jensen (Lighting Designer)
  • Ulver Skuli Abildgaard (Actor)
  • Betina Nydal (Actor)
  • Peter Zandersen (Actor)
  • Sophie Zinckernagel (Actor)
  • Ghita Makowska Rasmussen (Playwright)

All play times

  • Wednesday 31st May 5.00pm
  • Thursday 01st June 5.00pm
  • Friday 02nd June 8.00pm
  • Saturday 03rd June 5.00pm
  • Monday 05th June 8.00pm
  • Tuesday 06th June 8.00pm
  • Wednesday 07th June 8.00pm
  • Thursday 08th June 8.00pm
  • Friday 09th June 8.00pm


Teater Får302
Toldbodgade 6
1253 København K