Bloom explorations Recoil Performance Group


MASS – bloom explorations is an open durational choreographic installation dealing with the issues of decay, decomposition and death. An unlikely symbiotic system between worms, plastic and a human, and a starting point for speculations about survival strategies and our relationship with others. Visitors are welcome to explore and interact with the installation, and to come and go as they please.

MASS – bloom explorations is produced in collaboration with Ottawa Dance Directive and Windsor University (CA), Dansehallerne and Click Festival. At CPH Stage co-hosted with Space10. Free entrance.

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  • Tina Tarpgaard (Choreographer)
  • Pei-Ying Lin (Scenographer)
  • Inge Agnete Tarpgaard (Dramaturg)
  • Søren Knud (Sound Designer)
  • Minshu Haung (Konstruktør)
  • Hilde I. Sandvold (Dancer)
  • Rasmus Sylvest (Production Lead)
  • Viktor K. Magnusson (Production Lead)
  • Ida Marie Hede (Playwright)

All play times

  • Thursday 31st May 12.00pm
  • Friday 01st June 12.00pm
  • Saturday 02nd June 12.00pm
  • Sunday 03rd June 12.00pm


Flæsketorvet 10
1711 København V