The voice of the audience

project by Forsøgsstationen, part of the EU project Caravan Next Forsøgsstationen

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The voice of the audience is an audio work created by Forsøgsstationen, as a part of the EU project Caravan Next, initiated by Nordic Theatre Lab – Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark. It examines the audio identity of the audience in the theatre, and is composed by Peter Bruun, based on Vsevolod Meyerholds sound and audio studies of the audience from the 1920s. The audio work is based solely on the sounds and movements of theatre audiences and is performed by 50 citizens from Vesterbro; retirees, school children, parents, socially vulnerables and students under the knowledgeable guidance by the conductor Erik Jakobsson and the artistic leaders from Forsøgsstationen.

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  • Lotte Faarup (Director)
  • Erik Jakobsson (Dirigent)
  • Øyvind Kirchhoff (Consultant)
  • Et kor på 50 Vesterbro-borgere (Kor)
  • Lotte Faarup, libretto (Playwright)
    Peter Bruun (Composer)


Det Kongelige Teater - Skuespilhuset
Sankt Annæ Plads 36
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