When the city sleeps

Marionetteatret i Kongens Have


“When the city sleep” is a poetic puppet performance for all ages.

During the day everything seems normal and familiar,
streets have names and doors have numbers.
Parks and squares are just around the corner.
Metro underground, busses in the streets.
In the city everything is familiar.

But at night the houses switch numbers,
streets play hide-and seek, while doors starts knocking.
Behind every corner is a wonderful dream.

The old Puppet Theatre in the King’s Garden welcomes all ages to a tale about the magic that happens when the city sleeps.

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  • Rolf Søborg Hansen (Director)
  • Rolf Søborg Hansen (Scenographer)
  • Pernille Lehnert (Dukkemager)
  • Trine Wisbech (Dramaturg)
  • Bo Carlsson (Actor)
  • Yulia Lystbæk (Actor)
  • Astrid Kjær Jensen (Actor)
  • Brian Kousgaard Kristensen (Production Lead)
  • Rolf Søborg Hansen, Ditte Steensballe (Playwright)
    Pete Livingstone (Composer)


Marionetteatret i Kongens Have
Kronprinsessegade 21
1306 København K