You and Me at Dawn

Teater Nordkraft


There are so many things you can’t do… when you’re dead!

Louise and Liam commit suicide by jumping together from the bridge crossing the Limfjord in Aalborg – chained to each other with handcuffs.
The fatal story about young love so wild and meaningful, that it’s worth dying for. And about the people who are left behind.

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  • Claus Helbo (Scenographer)
  • Minna Johannesson (Director)
  • Chris Nieft Hansen (Video Designer)
  • Kian Larsen (Lighting Designer)
  • Ditlev Brint Christensen (Sound Designer)
  • Malthe Herold (Assistant Director)
  • Jacque Lauritsen (Actor)
  • Lærke Schjærff Engelbrecht (Actor)
  • Jela Natius (Actor)
  • Alexander Clement (Actor)
  • Petrine Agger (Actor)
  • Bill Eldrige (Scenemester)
  • Niels Valentin (Tonemester)
  • Berith Ann Christensen (Costume Designer)
  • Louise Kirkegaard (Production Lead)
  • Steen Jørgensen (Maler)
  • Theresa Breitenstein (Rekvisitør)
  • Klement Thorst (Scenebygger)
  • Glenn Ringtved og Sanne Munk Jensen (Playwright)

All play times

  • Sunday 03rd June 9.30pm
  • Monday 04th June 8.00pm
  • Tuesday 05th June 5.00pm


Teater Grob
Nørrebrogade 37
2200 København N