6 theater experiences we can't wait for

Once again, CPH STAGE has appointed a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form this year’s Program Committee and select events from the program: This year’s highlights!

Ellen Hillingsø Actress
Niels Erling Stage Director and Artistic Leader of AKT1 Radio drama
Rie Hammer Lead editor of  ISCENE and member of the Reumert jury
Maja Ries Managing Director of Teater Grob
Jakob Bjerregaard Engmann Managing Director of BaggårdTeatret


  • Nassim

    Why: No performance of NASSIM is like the last, because every day there’s a new actor on stage, for whom the text is new. It’s not  rehearsal but a show that has garnered international awards and gives the audience a unique opportunity to sense the innermost nature of the stage and the notion that art arises in the now, at the very moment we are in our seats and work with the actors to bring the words to life in the space around us. This is a unique opportunity for a rare insight into the stage’s innermost soul.

  • Rocky!
    Husets Teater

    We love them. The losers who against all odds prevail over their own inferiority, social heritage and their completely unfair loser-life. But what if it’s us, our values and existence which are to be defeated? If we end up being the losers? ROCKY! completely knocked-out the Danish reviewers and left the audience speechless. ROCKY! will […]

  • Romeo & Julie

    Why: Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet isn’t usually a barrel of laughs. But now the story has been given a refreshing makeover as outdoor theatre with sumptuous costumes and a humorous twist. The show is free, festive and folksy in the friskiest way, and it’s designed for everyone to enjoy. Take a date, a bottle of wine and your whole family to this al fresco party!

  • The night

    Why: If you have fourteen hours for a theatrical odyssey now’s your chance: THE NIGHT is an exceptional piece of experience art that delivers a serious challenge to the usual theatrical forms. Sensually powerful, physically strange, refreshingly surprising theatre that you’ll never forget. If theatre speaks to your inquiring mind and you’ve got the gust to experience it wit your own body, THE NIGHT is a great place to start.

  • Black Madonna

    Why: WHITE NIGGER/BLACK MADONNA brings together two of Danish theatre’s enfants terribles in the construction of this highly controversial interpretation of the race war. Multiple award-winning director Christian Lollike and similarly accoladed dramatist and performer Madame Nielsen are responsible for the show. The combination of the two and their political agenda will surely cause a riot. The ingredients are all there for a superb theatrical experience and a play that will seriously goad the contemporary discourse.

  • Winter’s Tale
    Østerbro Teater

    Why: If you enjoy classic theatre at its best don’t miss Katrine Weidemann’s fabulous interpretation of Shakespeare’s fairy-tale jealousy drama. Wiedermann is celebrated for her visually striking productions and this one is no exception. Everything clicks, and Shakespeare’s play has seldom come across with such clear-cut definition.