8 theater experiences we can't wait for

Once again, CPH STAGE has appointed a group of high-profile Danish theatre professionals to form this year’s Program Committee and select events from the program: This year’s highlights!

Kristján Ingimarsson
Artistic director of Kristján Ingimarsson Company, director and performer
Özlem Saglanmak Actress
Lene Grønborg Poulsen Cultural journalist, theater critic and  member of the Reumert jury
Marianne Klint Managing Director ofTeater Momentum
Pelle Koppel Managing Director of Teater V,  director and actor

  • Bertolt Brechts Svendborg Poems

    “Bertolt Brecht’s poems capture the same fear and existential angst as we face today, rendering them more relevant than ever. A major musical experience that leavens the gravity with humour. With Søren Huss responsible for composing and performing the music, need we say more?”

  • Dschingis Khan

    “DSCHINGIS KHAN heralds innovation, bursting the bounds of the theatrically possible. The Monster Truck theatre group from Germany presents all the prejudices we nurture towards anything that is different, and shows us what is currently trending in international drama.”

  • Keep it Bushy

    “The Reumert-winning box office hit is back! Hard-hitting broads onstage and backstage unite in a devastatingly witty show about modern woman. Action-packed, racy and unmissable.”

  • Performance in low self esteem
    Cheer Extreme

    “A genuine in-your-face production that interacts with the audience in the most charming way. Reality theatre, super-familiar, exposing the vulnerability in each and every one of us.”

  • Hush!

    “RaTaTam, Reykjavik’s 2017 Artistic Group of the Year, challenges audiences with a fascinating combination of serious issue and comic packaging. An exciting contribution well in line with the wave of Icelandic culture currently sweeping the world.”

  • The Society of Lost Souls
    Det Kongelige Teater

    “The remarkable Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren challenges our usual perceptions of ballet. Working with CORPUS, the Royal Danish Ballet experimental lab, he brings raw, physical theatre into the world of ballet, playing with form, genre and idiom. A combination that cannot fail to fascinate!

  • We Who Live Backwards

    “Marwan Arkawi fled from Syria to Sweden. He uses virtual reality to invite us to join him on the journey he undertook. The use of VR on stage is absolutely fascinating and becoming more and more frequent. We cannot wait to see how VR technology expands the theatrical experience and gives the audience a unique opportunity to physically feel the story.”

  • Honorary Award: Paolo Nani

    The Highlights Committee has bestowed this year’s Honorary Award on Paolo Nani for his many years of dedication to the performing arts. Paolo Nani presents the art of the clown internationally, and for more than twenty-five years he has toured the country with his shows and delighted audiences with his perfectionist style.