• 8. February 2018

    8 performances receive support to play at the international days

    This year, for the first time, CPH STAGE (with support from The Danish Arts Foundation) is able to provide production-support to the ...

  • 30. January 2018

    Subtitled performances this winter

    Now is your chance to experience contemporary Danish drama and theatrical classics featuring award-winning Danish actors, directors and designers even if you do not ...

  • 28. June 2017

    Thanks for another great festival!

    This year CPH STAGE presented its fifth festival, which took place from May 31 – June 11. During CPH STAGE 2017 we presented more than 120 performances at venues ...

  • Hidden Number
    25. May 2017


    CPH STAGE also includes outdoor performances that unfolds the city as stage, and shows it from a new angle. CPH STAGE is going on all over the city – in both well known and newly ...

  • Mungo Park
    22. May 2017

    New Nordic Drama in English

    Whether you’re a tourist or a person with reduced hearing, you can still experience new Nordic drama. Selected performances will be subtitled via the THEA-app at this ...

  • The Blind Poet
    18. May 2017


    Once again CPH STAGE brings important international stage art to Denmark. This year internationally acclaimed visionary stage auteur ...

  • 2. May 2017


    JOIN US FOR PLAYS, PERFORMANCES AND EVENTS AVAILABLE TO NON-DANISH SPEAKERS! CPH STAGE 2017 is getting closer and closer, and this year we present more than 120 ...

  • 27. September 2016

    Experience Danish Theatre with English subtitles

    EXPERIENCE DANISH THEATRE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES Now is your chance to experience contemporary Danish drama and theatrical classics featuring ...

  • 27. June 2016

    Thank you!

    Dear guests, Thank you! Without you, the festival would not have been the same. In return, we are happy to share some big news with you. In 2015, we had an amazing festival with 20.000 ...

  • 8. June 2016

    What’s hot at CPH STAGE?

    Dear guests, CPH STAGE has just started on its second week, which means that you have five days left to experience the performances still playing. We have more than 50 ...

  • 17. May 2016


    CPH STAGE is proud to present its biggest ever selection of plays, performances and events available to non-Danish speakers!   Check out our first ever INTERNATIONAL ...

  • 17. March 2016

    CPH STAGE 2016 is looking for volunteers

    If you love theatre and want to be part of the team behind CPH STAGE, you now have the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will be an ...

  • 1. March 2016

    Look forward to CPH STAGE 2016!

    CPH STAGE’s festival team is running with high speed these days. From the 1st to the 12th of June CPH STAGE will take over the streets and theatre venues of ...

  • 6. July 2015

    Goodbye and see you in 2016!

    CPH STAGE 2015 is over, and the festival has again this year been a great success, with a number of well received new initiatives and more than 20.000 happy theater ...

  • Sigurd the Crusader
    29. May 2015

    International premieres at CPH STAGE

    This year we are happy to present a wide range of international performances, that play for the very first time in Denmark at CPH STAGE festival! Experience, among ...

  • 11. May 2015

    CulturePie: a smart guide to this year’s festival!

    If you find that you need a little guidance through this year’s festival program – as in where to start, what events to choose etc. ...

  • 8. May 2015

    CPH STAGE video appetizer 2015!


  • Dance of All - Movement Choir
    10. April 2015

    International Performances

    At this years festival we are happy to present a big range of international performances from all over the World, but also from the Danish theater stage. More than 50 ...