Freak Out

A strange peformance about strangely normal people Aarhus Teater


FREAK OUT is a performance about “normal people who are not really normal”. It allows us to look into 10 people’s lives. Not 10 normal people, but 10 special individuals, who in one way or the other depart from the ordinary. FREAK OUT is cabaret-influenced more than it is an actual performance, and it is in all its strange ways a wonderful reminder of how completely normal people might experience more joy by not letting normality standards limit life.

FREAK OUT is a guest performance by Aarhus Teater.


  • Siggi Óli Pálmason (Director)
  • Laura Rasmussen (Director)
  • Siggi Óli Pálmason (Scenographer)
  • Laura Rasmussen (Scenographer)
  • Daniel Preben Nielsen (Contributer)
  • Golshid Rokhzan (Contributer)
  • Therese Elliot (Contributer)
  • Louise Conrad (Contributer)
  • Pia Dahl Vestereng (Contributer)
  • Filip Lund Nielsen (Contributer)
  • Annie Orthmann (Contributer)
  • Carsten Mathiesen (Contributer)
  • Aase Nielsen (Contributer)
  • Axel Bang (Contributer)
  • Siggi Oli Palmason, Laura Rasmussen samt de medvirkende (Playwright)


Staldgade 26-30
1699 København V