Midsummer Stories 4

new nordic drama Dramafronten


Four Scandinavian playwrights from Iceland, Sweden Norway and Denmark have been inspired by the unique mid-summer Nordic light that sheds it’s rays on our part of the hemisphere during this time of the year.
These four playwrights have come together to investigate the theme “to see”. They’ve collaborated on creating an exceptional, site-specific event that takes us from one location to another, linking together a story that reflects Scandinavia today.

Free entrance.
Meeting point: The foyer at Nørrebro Teater.

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  • Kasper Sejersen (Director)
  • Jens Jørn Spottag (Actor)
  • Ole Boisen (Actor)
  • Thomas Chaanhing (Actor)
  • Niels Martin Eriksen (Actor)
  • Peter Christoffersen (Actor)
  • Sofie Torp (Actor)
  • Jesper Kaplan (Actor)
  • Molly Kareis Livingstone (Actor)
  • Rasmus Fruergaard (Actor)
  • Stine Schrøder (Actor)
  • Claudio Morales (Actor)
  • Marie Louise De Conninck Owe (Actor)
  • Benedikte Hansen (Actor)
  • Rosalinde Mynster (Actor)
  • Anna Panduro (DK), Gertrud Larsson (S), Lars Vik (N), Huldar Breidfjord (IS) (Playwright)