The Nordic Beasts

An international solo-event of rituals, roots and identity hosted by Mute Comp. Physical Theatre Mute Comp. Physical Theater


Solo-evening of rituals, roots and identity

The Nordic Beasts presents three physically merciless and shameless solos expressing the 2017 national identities of a Finn, a Norwegian and an Icelander. The pieces are based on the most popular and shared internet pearls.

Koko Kokkoko? Performed by Noora Hannula (FI)
Kokt torsk, Stekt torsk: Performed by Julie Rasmussen (NO)
Sko þetta reddast bara: Performed by Elin Signý (IS)

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  • Noora Hannula and Sophia Mage / Ray Roa (Concept)
  • Noora Hannula and Sophia Mage (Choreographer)
  • Noora Hannula (Dancer)
  • Julie Rasmussen (Dancer)
  • Elín Signý Ragnarsdóttir (Dancer)
  • SØS Gunver Ryberg (DK) and Insomnium (FI) (Composer)


Ofelia Plads
Kvæsthusbroen *
1250 København K