Sleeping with the Lights on

A performance about the end of the world Mute Comp. Physical Theater


A duet with and by the two choreographers and dancers Kasper Ravn Høj og Stian Danielsen.

It all began with a letter from one choreographer to the other. An invitation to challenge each other, to spend so much energy together and to move so much that it would heat up the world. It became the starting point for „Sleeping with the lights on“, a physical dialog between Kasper Ravnhøj and Stian Danielsen. Inspired by the theory of the heat-death-of-the-universe, Ravnhøj and Danielsen are dancing together in an intense ritual that attempts to bring the world closer to its ultimate fate. „Sleeping with the lights on“ invites the audience into an immersive space, in which body, sound and light gradually accelerate in speed and heat until all culminates into a thermo-dynamic implosion – marking an end and also a new beginning.

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  • Kasper Ravnhøj (Choreographer)
  • Thomas Schaupp (Dramaturg)
  • Martin Myrvold (Lighting Designer)
  • Line Maher (Costume Designer)
  • Kasper Ravnhøj (Dancer)
  • Alexis Fernández (Dancer)
  • Tomas Elfstadius (Composer)


Dansekapellet, København
Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV