Teaterforeningen Sceneprojekt


TRAUM is a live art event in which four performers and a musician fulfil the audiences dreams for the future. Using physical improvisation, integrating sound and perhaps some props, the performance collective Bidt, instantly stages each dream into scenes of different length and expression. TRAUM is a unique outdoor event in which Bidt meets the audience with sincerity, determination and great movement skills. Even the most impossible dream will come true.

This is a short outdoor version of the concept. It also exists as an indoor performance.

The performance is part of PERFORMANCE PLUG N PLAY.

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  • Daniel Norback (Director)
  • Merete Byrial (Idea)
  • Daniel Norback (Performer)
  • Merete Byrial (Performer)
  • Susanne Bonde (Performer)
  • Kristofer Krarup (Performer)
  • Niels Bjerg (Musician)
  • Martin Vognsen (Composer)