During the 6th edition of CPH STAGE in 2018 we organise a Visitor’s Programme on the international days May 31st to June 2nd. This visitors’s programme is aimed at international performing arts programmers who are interested in Danish Performing Arts.


The Visitor’s Programme will give you the possibilities to:

– Dive into the CPH STAGE international programme

– Immerse yourself in the work of Danish and international artists

– Take part in discussions in the international industry programme with the focuses: CURATING PERFORMING ARTS and CREATIVE PRODUCING WITH INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS

– Share some time with international artists and professionals

– Discover interesting venues in Copenhagen

Download the international programme with introduction to selected performances:  CPHSTAGE International Program


The visitor’s program is available only on invitation. We are looking for professionals with a special interest for the Danish performing arts field.



Please contact international project manager Karen Toftegaard,, for more information.