Corpus Special – Talk: Underrepresentation Among Female Choreographers in Ballet


DATO 4. juni
TIDSPUNKT 16:00-17:30
STED Det Kongelige Teater – Gamle Scene
BILLETPRIS Gratis, men der opkræves et billetgebyr.

George Balanchine famously said that ‘Ballet is woman’. If so, why are there so few female choreographers in the world of ballet?

The female choreographer has for centuries been a rare sight at most ballet companies in the world. In the last couple of years this trend has started to change, but it is still alarming. If you look at the largest ballet companies around the globe, you will see the number of female choreographers being well below the norm.

We are left wondering why? What barriers and structures within the world of ballet results in women having far less opportunities to advance to choreographic leadership positions compared to their male colleagues? Does society’s perception of dance and ballet inflict this, or is it merely a cultural and genre specific phenomena? And is the gender of the choreographer really that important? All this and much more is the center of this Corpus Special – Talk: Underrepresentation Among Female Choreographers in Ballet

The panel consists of:
Nikolaj Hübbe, Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet
Karen Vedel, Associate Professor at the Department of Arts & Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen
Bobbi Jene, Choreographer and dancer
Maria Ventegodt, Deputy Executive Director, National Division, The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Marie Haugsted Mors, Artistic Process Consultant, the Royal Danish Ballet

The talk is presented by Corpus in collaboration with the Royal Danish Ballet.

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