Digital Showcase : Champions


01/06/21 // 21.55pm – 22.55pm // ONLINE

Himherandit Productions and CPH STAGE offer you a unique digital showcase specially designed for CPH STAGE’s International Days 2021 and broadcasted live. 

In collaboration with the curated companies CPH STAGE has developed a new format for digital showcasing. Instead of presenting the whole work – this is a way to present an artistic essence, the artistic DNA of the work in a shorter timeframe aligned with the digital opportunities. In this case it means 40 minutes artistic showcasing followed by 20 minutes of reflections.


Champions is an emotionally charged performance installation that addresses universal issues of parent-child relationships, loneliness and individual resilience. The performance features recordings of interviews with the artist’s mother and father and himself in conversation with his therapist.

The company develops projects that push, provoke and engage the audience in a discourse on the social topics of gender, sexuality and identity. For this unique digital form the company invites the online audience to participate in the preparations backstage and to take part in the immediate reaction of the artist through a team of cameramen backstage. Followed by the livestreaming of the whole performance. In this way, Himherandit adds an extra dimension. A show within a show and allows the audience to witness something normally hidden.


HIMHERANDIT Productions international strategy is to build up extended networks with venues that have an interest in the presentation, exchange and development of Queer performance practice. They seek to develop LGBTQIA+ audience as well as those who have an interest in the themes of the performance. They have an aim to further present their work in theatres and festivals that dare to present confrontational artworks. HIMHERANDIT Productions aim to establish long lasting relations with venues for future collaboration and exchange.

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Streaming-partner: OMNIVOX.dk


  • Tuesday 01st June 10.00pm
  • Wednesday 02nd June 3.00pm
  • Thursday 03rd June 4.00pm
  • Friday 04th June 4.00pm


Edisonsvej 10
1856 Frederiksberg C