CPH STAGEs International Days are 8. – 10. June 2022 (The festival is taking place 2. – 11. June).

Since 2017 CPH STAGE has developed INTERNATIONAL DAYS as a Danish showcase and a central Nordic meetingpoint for international colleagues – in the framing of Denmark’s national festival. Since 2020 we have also developed new digital formats to present artistic work with a focus on the artistic DNA as well as facilitated meetings between international colleagues.

4. February 2022 we will reveal the programme for CPH STAGEs International Days 8. – 10. June. Here you can get to know the selected Danish artists, producers, companies, theatres and their approaches to performing arts – artistic DNA and visions. This is a great opportunity to decide if you simply need to prioritize visiting CPH STAGE International Days in-person.


BENCHED by Uppercut Danseteater   [dance]
KABOOM – THE ART OF DESTRUCTION by Live Art Denmark    [performance installation]
SONG OF 8 by IIR – Institute of Interconnected Realitites  [dance]
CANADA by Livingstones Kabinet   [theatre]
AVATAR ME by Fix & Foxy  [theatre / digital]
OCEANIC by Marie Topp & Julia Giertz [dance]
STORMEN – The Tempest by Glad Teater [dance / inclusive]


AT THE INTERSECTION THEY GET A NEW SOFA by Hotel Pro Forma [performance]
ACT OF GRAVITY by recoil performance group [immersive performance]


AXIAL FIGURES by Simone Wierød [dance]
SAPPHO by Jules Fischer & Matilde Böcher [performance]
GRÅTT by Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold [dance]
ICARUS by Dansk Danseteater [dance]
SISTERS HOPE HOME – Inhabitation Infinity by Sisters Hope [performance installation]
WHY ME? by Teater V [theatre]

Jury’s Guidance

The selection process made us aware of a grand diversity in the Danish performing arts field – in regards to genres, styles, young/established, small work / big work, indoor/outdoor/site-specific, out of the black box/digital and “traditional”. Maybe this shows that the works are personally driven.
The final selection appreciates high quality, different target groups and works that really has a potential to tour internationally: sometimes connected to local urgencies, but always connected to universal topics or awarenesses.
Furthermore all the works show a clear and conscious approach to sustainability on working internationally.

The Jury behind the selection is:

Don’t miss the launch on 4. February (more programme info in the middle of December).

210 theater professionals from 47 countries participated in the digital launch and the hybrid international days at CPH STAGE in 2021.

Digital presence

Since the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic CPH STAGE chose to go digital with the international days – insisting on staying connected with international colleagues. We believe in the importance of building and nurturing cross-cultural meetings/collaborations. In May 2020 we made an only-digital version of the international days. In 2021 we built on our digital experiences and made a digital launch in February. In June we made a hybrid version and in collaboration with the selected Danish artists and The Performing Arts Platform we developed new digital showcasing formats. Have a look at them right hereThis was part of the collaboration project DIGITAL PRESENCE.