News / 5. June 2021


Thank you so much for attending CPH STAGE’s Digital International Days 2021! It has been amazing to explore the Performing Arts with you on the #NeverNotConnected platform – we couldn’t have done it without you. If you missed any of the digital events, or if just want to see them again, remember that you can catch all of them on the #NeverNotConnected platform. We’ll make them all available during the upcoming week.

This year our International Days became a hybrid festival with both digital and In-person activities. Every year we work to get better so that we can make the best festival possible for you. 

So now we need your help! We kindly ask you to fill out this feedback-form, so that next year we can be an even better, faster, stronger,and connected festival.

Thank you for your time. And see you for the next edition of CPH STAGEs International Days, 8. – 10. June 2022!

Photo: Frida Gregersen

Thank you for your time.
Stay safe – stay connected.

Best regards

Karen Toftegaard

International Producer