2022 – Don Gnu // RESIDENTS (Dance)


You’ve probably walked past a window with a light and discreetly peeked in. Heard strange and indefinable noises from your neighbour late at night. Or wondered about all the rubbish bags the neighbour keeps throwing out? What’s really happening on the other side? With the neighbours we already know well and the ones we don’t? How do others live and do when they are completely, completely private…?

RESIDENTS is a humorous, loving and poetic portrait of a block of flats, which is based on the apartment complex as a gathering place for human diversity. On stage there will be a mix of physical theatre, dance, parkour and live music. RESIDENTS is a story about how people live and what connection they feel to this place and the people who also call this place home. The performance does not want to exhibit and become a distant idea of the near life, but wants to create understanding and become a humorous and loving mirror of the everyday life many of us know.

The performance is a collaboration between DON GNU, Mungo Park and Bora Bora.

Duration: 60 min


DON GNU is a guarantee of physical action theatre and dance combined in a playfull and poetic man-power universe!

The company was founded in 2010 by the two choreographers Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, who also constitute the artistic duo at the helm of DON GNU. Today the company is one of the most touring companies in Denmark. In addition to extensive tour activities in Denmark, DON GNU has also toured in all the Nordic Countries, South Korea, Canada, big parts of Europe and Cuba.

The company’s name is built around the paradox embedded in the name DON GNU. Don as an individual, and Gnu (wildebeest) as a herd animal, the constellation of both the individual and the collective creates the dynamism, experimentation and development-basis for the ideas that are the hallmark of DON GNU productions.


RESIDENTS is a very physical show that works with dance, parkour, music and video projections. However, speech will also be included in the form of interviews with residents of Høje Gladsaxe. These interviews will be subtitled. But since the main emphasis in the performance is on the nonverbal, it is a performance that can be experienced across language, cultural and age differences. The performance works with neighborhood and we believe that the performance will be able to resonate across cultures. The idea is that the project can be reframed to engage with a local environment. A presenter can either book the show for regular touring or it is possible to extent the project with a research / filming period to make the residents of a specific local neighborhood part of the story.

DON GNU have extensive experience of working with the performance with emphasis on the physical and experience that a very broad group can relate to the performances. DON GNU therefore want to reach a wide, international audience. They already have an international network, but want to reach even more people.


At DON GNU, they have a broad approach to the concept of sustainability. Of course, they have a focus on environmental sustainability and choosing means of transport that limit CO2 footprint. However, they also believe that it is important that we meet across national borders and that we create understanding through the encounter with art and culture. DON GNU also produce performances and scenography that can live for several years and that do not just shut down after a single playing period. In this way, they get the maximum out of the investments and out of the physical products that are created in connection with a performance.


Danish with English subtitles






Malene Cathrine Pedersen, malene@dongnu.dk, 22155818 


The show i co-produced by DON GNU, Mungo Park og Bora Bora – dance and visual theatre in a close collaboration with the residents in Høje Gladsaxe

Performance: Mads Emil Duelund Hansen, Ellaha Lack & Mikolaj Karczewski

Concept, directing & choreography: Jannik Elkær & Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen

Film & visual medias: Christoffer Brekne

Music and singer: Alice Carreri

Scenography: Siggi Óli Palmason

Producer-team: Kathrine Kihm & Malene Cathrine Pedersen 

A special thanks to: The residents in Høje Gladsaxe

Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Lemvigh-Müller Fonden, Augustinus Fonden & Knud Højgaards Fond.