2022 – Hotel Pro Forma // AT THE INTERSECTION, THEY GET A NEW SOFA (Performance)


  • Tuesday 07th June 8.00pm
  • Wednesday 08th June 8.00pm
  • Thursday 09th June 8.00pm
  • Friday 10th June 8.00pm


‘At the intersection’ is based on excerpts from award winning Danish author Helle Helle’s critically acclaimed novel ‘they’. The performance is a monologue placed in a very simple scenography consisting of 50 LED light bars, 3 m high. ‘At the intersection’ is a sensuous performance created as a memory machine with images of light, video, music, and sound images.

A young woman walks around a forest of glowing LED bars. She relives her life, not chronologically but in fragments. Her memories are evoked as text, light, colors, images, and sounds. The individual scenes in the performance are moments that take place in the main character’s consciousness. The memory of her and her mother’s life dominates everything, and we never see where the main character is located now, some years after when the mother is dead. Direction and dramaturgy by Kirsten Dehlholm and Marie Dahl, LED bars by the artist collective VERTIGO, AI by VERTIGO and Ole Kristensen and sound work by Kristian Hverring.

Duration: 80 min


Hotel Pro Forma is an international production house and a meeting place for cross-disciplinary artistic work.

Hotel Pro Forma creates art with new technologies
Behind the scenes, Hotel Pro Forma runs a host of activities that challenge and renew the artistic creation process and explore the possibilities of using new technologies in performing arts. An important part of our work is a “Performing Arts Incubator”. The incubator concept is known from the business community, where special programs for entrepreneurs and startup companies optimize their conditions for developing and maturing before entering the market. Hotel Pro Forma works similarly as a hub where artists, partners, art forms and combinations of art and technology meet and enrich each other, creating new artistic innovation.

The artistic process is at the core of our operation
Hotel Pro Forma’s work is strongly linked to the artistic method, which we apply in all of our productions. Hotel Pro Forma develops artistic concepts in an extensive research process that often lasts for several years, exceeding art, genres, subjects, disciplines, industries and national borders. Our work is a continuous artistic investigation of the world and the practical application of new technology. An investigation which benefits through strong collaboration and co-creation with partners and artists.

Kirsten Dehlholm and Hotel Pro Forma is widely recognized
Hotel Pro Forma was founded in 1985 by Kirsten Dehlholm (1945). As artistic director and stage designer, her work with Hotel Pro Forma has received great recognition both in Denmark and internationally.

Kirsten Dehlholm has received several prestigious awards. In 2015, she received the Danish Reumert Award of Honor for her life long artistic achievements. Also in 2015, she received “The Distinguished Artist Award” from The International Society of Performing Arts.


Hotel Pro Forma expects to reach far beyond the Danish borders.

Artistically, ‘At the intersection, the get a new sofa’ is an innovative, cross-artistic project – a fusion of literature, video, AI, music and performing arts. The performance is based on the novel ‘they’ by Helle Helle, whose work has garnered overwhelming critical and popular acclaim internationally. The novel is translated to several languages already. Although the story is set in the outskirts of Denmark, the subject matter of the text is universal: The performance intimately depicts close relations and grief experienced in adolescent life 1:1 and, at the same time, from an adult perspective. The visual and auditive setting and our collaboration with VERTIGO also calls for international attention.

We aim to reach presenters and festivals in Scandinavia and beyond which focus on literary, contemporary visual and performing arts aspects, as this performance is flexible in terms of touring and audience approach.


With ‘In the intersection, they get a new sofa’ Hotel Pro Forma presents a universal theme with strong expressive means within a small scale: Ambitious lighting and set design, complex sound set-up, and yet, the show can travel in one van with just one performer, two technicians and all technical equipment. No need for air freight, as long as we travel within the European mainland.

Furthermore, the biggest physical investment for the performance, the LED bars, have been designed and financed in a close and mutual long term agreement between Hotel Pro Forma and VERTIGO. As our initial intention has been to avoid that the bars will not only be used for ‘At the intersection’ and locked away in storage between and after performance periods, we have chosen to invest in a sustainable solution that offers multible uses and purposes for the bars in the coming years. VERTIGO plans to integrate the multi-functional bars in several future artistic installations.


Danish. For other languages please contact us.


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Ulla Katrine Friis, manager: ukf@hotelproforma.dk
Lisbeth Bjerregaard Jacobi, executive producer: lisbeth@hotelproforma.dk


Performer: Rosalinde Mynster
Text: Helle Helle
Kirsten Dehlholm
Co-director: Marie Dahl
Dramaturgy: Kirsten Dehlholm, Marie Dahl
Stage design: VERTIGO, Kirsten Dehlholm, Marie Dahl
Composition:  Henryk Górecki: String Quartet No. 3 (recorded by Kronos Kvartetten) and Kristian Hverring
LED bars:
 Design and production by VERTIGO
AI, light and video: 
VERTIGO and Ole Kristensen
 consists of Frederik Hilmer Svanholm, Vibeke Bertelsen and Mikkel Meyer


Frederiksberg Allé 102
1820 Frederiksberg C