2022 – Recoil Performance Group // ACT OF GRAVITY (Dance)


  • Thursday 09th June 8.00pm
  • Friday 10th June 8.00pm


Act of Gravity is developed in collaboration with Science & Cocktails and is a unique dance performance that strides the line between art and science. A performance about the most observable force in the universe: gravity. Gravity pulls us towards the ground when we fall, it pulls on our loose skin, attracts objects and sets the planets into orbit. But it also propels the big scientific minds of our time to develop theories that attempt to explain the behaviour of matter, space and time on different scales.

Who are we little humans eternally falling on this tiny planet while the laws of physics we strive to decipher constantly push and pull us around setting everything into motion?

With the use of a huge trampoline, cutting-edge visuals, music, acrobatics and in close dialogue with scientists, Act of Gravity is an illuminating experience for the mind and for the senses.

Thanks to the collaboration with our partner Science & Cocktails, the piece is presented in the informal context of a cocktail bar. While audiences enjoy their chilled drinks, every evening a renowned expert in physics will offer an introductory talk about the mind-boggling theories that have inspired the work.

Duration: 55 min


Recoil is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories.

The driving force before Tina Tarpgaard’s creations has been to de-center the human from the performative space and to foster critical thinking through movement-based work. In her early performances, this took the form of interdependence between human movement and software art. In later years, she has focused on more analogue universes which have included other biological entities in an attempt to put into perspective human presence into the ecosystem and speculate about potential alliances and future scenario.


Recoil has built a strong network of international partners and presenters. In the last years through collaborations and presentations of the Membrane Project (link to: https://recoil-performance.org/the-memebrane-projekt). This trilogy of works has staged encounters between humans and other biological species which have been present in Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Brazil, Finland, the Faroe Islands or Spain through physical, digital or hybrid presentations.

With Act of Gravity and the partnership with Science & Cocktails, Recoil is aiming at bringing together science enthusiasts, cocktail lovers and contemporary dance followers. Although the piece is ready to tour on its own, Recoil’s vision for international presentations includes exploring different ways to extend this cross-sectorial collaboration. Live or streamed science-talks of renowned scientists before each show, including local experts of each country, would become a formula to bridge performance art and science dissemination in festivals and performance venues.

Additionally, Recoil will continue with their presence in traditional platforms and networks like IETM, CINARS, Ice Hot or Tanzmesse. Finally, their participation in CPH Stage in the last years has proven crucial in strengthening their international profile.


Act of Gravity is designed to play frontally on stages or halls with min 7m height, 14m width and 9m depth. A custom-made trampoline of 9×6 meters constitutes the main physical element in dialogue with the bodies of the performers. This is elevated to 1,5m high so audiences can remain on a flat seating plan on ground level and looking up (seats on risers can work too). Some masking out is necessary.

Recoil is designing custom-made light equipment to travel lightly. The large trampoline is designed to fit into a small truck or container. Recoil is interested to engage into longer international commitments which can be scheduled around performances to reduce the number of international travels and maximize its impact. Encounters with professionals or citizens of all ages around choreographic work building on existing talent, memory, and resources.

Furthermore, the large trampoline of the set will be used in Denmark during non-touring periods for free school workshops. This will bring hundreds of students in Copenhagen in close physical encounter with an element which will render tangible concepts of physics and the human body. This will extend the lifetime of the physical production and amplify its social impact without the use of extra resources.




With science talk: +12/ without science talk: +5




Carlos Calvo, Creative Producer, carlos@recoil-performance.org, +45 25687156


Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard

Dancers: Astrid Pauline Schmidt Andersen, Fabian Birger Wixe, Urana Marchesini, Vincent Jonsson

Light designer: Andreas Buhl

Music: Matthias Friis-Hansen

Set design: Signe Krogh

Producer: Carlos Calvo

Science Consultant: Jácome Armas

Collaborators: Science & Cocktails

Speakers during CPH Stage: Thomas Hertog, Jácome Armas, Marianne Vestergaard, Alejandra Castro

Supported by the Danish Arts Council, The Novo Nordisk Foundation, Danish Composers Society, Koda Kultur, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, The Bikuben Foundation.