2022 – Simone Wierød // AXIAL FIGURES (Dance, Choreography)


Axial Figures is an upcoming vertical dance performance by choreographer Simone Wierød in collaboration with British architect Hugh Diamond from the architect duo Standard Practice.

Axial Figures is an investigation of structures and patterns and the challenges connected to collaborating in building and maintaining these as a collective. A minimalistic scenography of aerial ropes set the stage for Axial Figures. 5 performers climb and manipulate the ropes to establish contrasting images of order and chaos, stability and uncertainty, as an eternal search for optimizing their balance, cohesion and movability. The performers create an ever-evolving 3D image of lines and geometric patterns in space, and continuously challenge themselves, each other and the outside eye on what is physically possible. Axial Figures is targeting an adult audience with interests in dance, circus, architecture and visual arts.

Duration: 60 min


Simone Wierød is a Danish choreographer based in Copenhagen. Her work revolves around the question of how we through the language of choreography can address current agendas in society. Her main tool is bodily movement, but other choreographic elements in her works are objects, space and sound. She uses choreography as a tool to investigate and understand the cultural, social and political context she lives and works in. A key concept for her work is functionality, as she values a simple aesthetic and use of minimal measures to achieve the expression wanted. She works from a conceptual base and uses a play with structures, kinetics, musicality and dynamics as an essential part of her work.

Simone Wierød graduated from her dance education in 2014 and her work has so far be shown in 24 different countries in 4 continents. She has been awarded for her choreographic work, most recently for the dance films BEYOND and SOLUS and before that for her ironic dance duet WWW.

Besides working as a choreographer she is a board member at HAUT and the industry organization De Frie Koreografer (Independent Choreographers).


Axial Figures is a nonverbal, abstract and physically impressive performance suitable for black box stages across the world. The cross-disciplinary form and approach creates a relevance to numerous venues and festivals, as the performance appeals to the audience of dance, choreography, new circus and fine arts. The company aim to tour Axial Figures internationally and wish to schedule regional tours i.e. creating one Nordic tour, one East Asian tour etc. to get as much out of their international efforts as possible while abroad. They look for international partners with interest in choreography and new circus with a graphic and minimalistic expression. They are especially interested in international partners who could be interested in teaming up with other regional partners to schedule a tour in their region.


Axial Figures is a voluminous performance, with a simple, minimalistic aesthetic and a practical scenography that can easily be packed in flight cases. This allows the artists to minimize their environmental footprint when touring, as they can travel light and, in most cases, also slow, without compromising on the visual expression and scenographic volume.

Furthermore, the artists want to focus their touring schedule on regional tours, meaning gathering activities to minimize the number of long journeys.




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Simone Wierød, mail@simonewieroed.com