2022 – Sisters Hope // SISTER HOPE HOME (Performance Installation)

THE SHOW: SISTERS HOPE HOME – Inhabitation Infinity

In October 2021 opened Sisters Hope Home. A 5-year-durational artwork and platform for artistic research. The company launched Sisters Hope Home with an opening performance ‘Inhabitation’ and during CPH STAGE 2022 they will manifest it under the name ‘Inhabitation Infinity’.

In the performance Sisters Hope invite everyone interested to move in with us in our home. During the stay the participants will cook, eat, sleep and live close together with the company in a potential future world – Sensuous Society – where everything is based on the principles of the sensuous and poetic. Through rituals and domestic life the participants will investigate new ways of inhabiting the sensuous and poetic. There are two formats for participation: a) an extensive 24-hour format where the participants will stay overnight in the dormitory, and b) a 1-hour special excursion into the highly immersive universe facilitated by the artistic director of Sisters Hope. Both formats will be available to the guests from CPH STAGE.

Duration: 60 min


Sisters Hope is an award-winning performance group and movement which works with the fundamental ambition to make the sensuous and poetic accessible to as many people as possible – to ‘democratize the aesthetic,’ as they call it. The group operates in the intersection of performance art, educational development, research, and activism. They use sound, light, and scenography, as well as interactive performance art to transform different types of institutions into immersive, sensuous, and poetic parallel universes. Their work is based on an imagined future society, The Sensuous Society, where the sensuous and poetic form the base for all action and interaction. Out of current ecological and economic crises, a new society has emerged, a fundamental paradigm shift, which their works have as a starting point. 

Sisters Hope Home is 5-year-durational artwork and platform for artistic research. For the next 5 years they will manifest this artwork dedicated to poetic and sensuous modes of being and being together. The project originated from a longing for a venue where they could unfold their performative experiments and works in deeper and more refined versions. Thus, Sisters Hope Home will serve as a platform for Sisters Hopes performative manifestations and artistic research within the framework of an on-going performance and a permanent access to The Sensuous Society.


Sisters Hope have launched a strategic collaboration with The Danish Cultural Institute under the title Sensuous Society – Beyond Economic Rationality. The ambition is to take the Sisters Hope and the project internationally (Europe, South America and Asia) and thereby unfold and explore our performance method and the concept a variety of different cultures.

The project is also an exploration and investigation of common experiences and the change of attitudes after the pandemic around the world and not at least the planting of seeds for potential new and more sustainable approaches to life in a time where the ground is fertile.


The performance resonates with our current artistic research into how inhabitation of the sensual and the poetic can evoke an emotional experience and understanding of the ecological connectedness of everything. This is done from the starting point of Sisters Hope’s artistic director, Gry Worre Hallbergs, recent PhD: Sensuous Society – Carving the Path towards a Sustainable Future through Aesthetic Inhabitation stimulating Ecologic Connectedness.




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Nikolaj Friis Rasmussen, +45 28251544, sistershope@sistershope.dk


Concept and production: Sisters Hope