2023 – Institute of Interconnected Realities // A PLAY (Performance)


A PLAY is a choreographic work about place and placelessness. The performance is based in the black box – this windowless performance space – and speculates about how a place like this affects our body, our thinking, and our imagination. From here a journey begins; into a nameless landscape populated by four characters, reminiscent of a Greek chorus of tragedy, but also of a group of survivors in barren, post-apocalyptic settings. A PLAY is a kind of archaeological study that delves into the cultural history of the theatre, the metaphors, and the material reality of the actual building. A PLAY is a cross-disciplinary work that through music, visual arts, and choreographic practice interrogates the theatre and its ability to open up realms for the imagination.

A PLAY premiered in Nov 2022 at TOASTER, Husets Teater CPH. 

Duration: 60 min


The collaboration between Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen spans over 10 years and is guided by their shared research interests. The works that they produce are often informed by a collective approach, where invited collaborators are considered multiple ‘centers’ in a shared process. The resulting work is therefore often characterized by a strong cross-disciplinary aesthetic. Marie-Louise and Ida-Elisabeth have recently relocated themselves out of Copenhagen and are now based in Roskilde and the rural island of Møn. Living further apart and in different co-housing communities, with different approaches to land, has opened up new practical experiences in relation to the concept of ecology, living with multiplicity, and the concept of decentralized choreography.

THE COMPANY: Institute of Interconnected Realities

The Institute of Interconnected Realities (I—IR) is an artistic project led by Danish choreographers Marie-Louise Stentebjerg and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. It is influenced by the eco-inspired concept of Decentralized Choreography. The implication of this term is that the choreographic event unfolds in multiple sites simultaneously none of which are more important than the others. Decentralized Choreography is not only a concept that inspires choreographic thinking on stage but under the I-IR it has shifted the way we think about dramaturgy, production, spectatorship, curation a.o. The I-IR develops research projects and artworks – in various scales and media – that deal with the potential of choreographic thinking. The I-IR is approached as a choreographic event in itself.


“We participated in the international program of CPH.STAGE in 2022 and are fortunate enough to take part in it again. We hope to reconnect with the contacts we gained last year and are looking very much forward to meeting new peers as well. We are especially keen to develop more long-term partnerships that are geared to support slower processes and more continuous exchange. In DK we have 3 long-term co-producers; Husets Teater and Dansehallerne in CPH and Aaben Dans in Roskilde. At this moment in time, we feel ready to extend this network and include new partners from our neighboring countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Germany – but also the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland. We find that our work and discursive interests in especially eco-related subjects allow topical and deeply resonating exchanges.”


“We see the concept of sustainability as something that pertains to both practical production matters (greener touring, more recycling, etc.) as well as social conditions. Therefore, our sustainability approach includes developing inclusive and fair working conditions for the people involved in our productions. We draw on ecosophy, feminist theory, and consent-based decision-making processes to help us practice and reflect on how we can participate in creating a more just scene for the performing arts. Over time we have learned that our commitment towards matters of sustainability reflect on the way we engage ourselves artistically as well.”




Audiences may encounter loud noise produced by the performers or the live-composed soundscape that accompanies the performance.


A PLAY appeals to an audience versed in classical narrative imagery as well as audiences interested in sharp conceptual choreographic thinking.




Gry Raaby, gry@iir.dk, + 45 51941451


Choreography: Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Dramaturgy: Ida-Elisabeth Larsen

Performer Direction: Jonathan Bonnici

Performers: Angela Bundalovic, Jakob Schnack Krog, Jonathan Bonnici, Inaja Skands

Sound: S. Rieser

Light Design: Christian Vest Berntsen

Masks and Character Design: Nagi Gianni

Environment Research and Scenography: Balz Isler

Artistic advisor: Shelley Etkin

Assistant: Sophie Rebekka Grodin

Producer: Gry Raaby

Administration: CYRK

In residency: Holstebro Dansekompagni

Co-production: Dansehallerne, TOASTER CPH & Husets Teater

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, William Demant Fonden

Thank you: Augusto Corrieri, Pia Lindman, Jon Nyholm, Miriam Frandsen, Eva Steen Nordhagen, Liv Helm, Agnete Krabbe