2023 – Recoil Performance Group & SEIKO Dance // SOUND OF FIVE (DANCE)


SOUND OF FIVE is a dance performance for 8 dancers – a piece based on an in-depth exploration of rhythm and dance as a phenomenon. The sound of the movement and the movement in the sound are the basic elements of the performance, which is an ultimate devotion to the rush of energy that can occur in the interplay between sound and dance.

Working with layers of rhythm and movement, a state of intense listening is built in the dancers towards the dance they are in the middle of and also in relation to the other dancers and the audience. Through this our ambition is to create an increased level of sensitivity and tactility – a meeting between the listening dancer and the listening spectator.

Throughout the performance the movements of the dancers are initiated from the heart and lung area of the body. We like to call it a dance from the heart, where the dancers create rhythms by sending impulses that resonate from the chest into the entire body – like a heartbeat. The sound of the dancers bodies, including their heartbeat and the sound of their movement is elaborated in to the musical composition by Mathias Friis-Hansen, creating sensitive, yet powerful music for the dance experience.

It is rare that companies outside the established institutions have the opportunity to create works where there are many dancers on stage. Recoil and SEIKO join forces here with 4 dancers from each company to create a captivating performance for both the ear and the eye which can be felt throughout the body.

The piece will transfer rhythm into patterns, both visual and auditory (through musical composition and the very sound and breathing of the performers). This should allow audiences with visual or auditive impairment to relate to at least a layer of the piece

Duration: 55 min


The piece is not grounded to explore any specific cultural tradition or ideological background. It is grounded though in a Northern European tradition of contemporary choreography with an all-Caucasian cast and production team, but it is precisely aimed at developing an immediate kinesthetic empathy from all kinds of audiences regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, experience with choreographic work or cultural heritage.


This is the first co-production between recoil performance group (DK) and ŠEIKO Dance Company (Lithuania).

recoil performance group is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories and has in recent years worked extensively in de-centering the human from the performative space, exploring encounters between humans and technology or with different biological species. Sound of Five represents a hiatus in that search to focus exclusively on the human body and the power of rhythm and movement to mobilize energy in a room and create invisible yet strong ties that bind together performers and audiences.

Artistic Director: Tina Tarpgaard / Creative Producer: Carlos Calvo

ŠEIKO Dance was established in Klaipėda in 2012. Their performances are notable for their interdisciplinarity, minimalist aesthetics, connection to music, unexpected spaces and community involvement.

Their productions are both choreographed by Agnija Šeiko and guest choreographers. The focal point of their work includes dance and music performances, productions for children and site-specific performances. The company annually receives national nominations and awards and participates in festivals and on theatre stages in Europe, Israel, China, the USA and other countries.

Artistic Director: Agnija Šeiko / Producer. Goda Giedraityté / Production team: Greta Seiliūtė, Edita Grigaitienė, Austėja Montvydė, Darius Berulis


Both ŠEIKO and recoil performance group have developed international networks in their decades of dedication to choreographic work. The very idea to combine our resources, expertise and networks is the foundation for the international strategy of the piece.

Whenever possible we would aim at creating relationships with presenting partners that go beyond the public presentation of the piece, be it through teaching or methodology exchanges with local artists in different communities.

Recoil is also engaged in the development of Dansetippen, a new dance space in the south of Copenhagen which aims at hosting rehearsals, residencies and performances which should also increase its international relevance


SOUND OF FIVE is an extremely touring friendly piece, conceived to adapt both to traditional venues with frontal view and black boxes with audience on the round. No scenography or set elements will be used. The lighting design will be light and will not require transport of fixtures but rather will deploy local equipment.

In its presentations in 2023 in Lithuania and Denmark the piece will feature the full cast of 8 dancers from both companies. But the goal after this initial period is to create the possibility for a cast of 5 dancers from only one country for further local tours, minimizing travel when it makes sense environmentally and financially.

Performance area: 10m x 10m


Non Verbal


None expected (TBC)


All audiences 10+





Carlos Calvo, carlos@recoil-performance.org, +45 25687156

Goda Giedraityté, goda@seikodancecompany.com, +370 61531052


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Assistant choreographer: Jernej Bizjak

Performers: Hilde I. Sandvold, Kristian, Refslund, Jernej Bizjak, Lucie Piot, Niels Claes, Gintaré Marija Ūsė, Viktorija Zobielaité, Mantas Ūsas

Composer: Mathias Friis-Hansen

Sound design: Mikkel Larsen

Costume Designer: Polina Nimrea

Creative Producer recoil: Carlos Calvo

Assisting Producer recoil: Gry Raaby

Artistic Director ŠEIKO: Agnija Šeiko

Producer ŠEIKO: Goda Giedraitytė

Photos: Søren Meisner

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, William Demant Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, Nordic Culture Point

ŠEIKO is funded by Klaipėda City Municipality and Lithuanian Culture Council