Sustainability is on the agenda today—environmental, financial, organisational and psychosocial. In this session, the aim is to discuss how we can work holistically and sustainably in the performing arts industry. With an inspirational starting point, we’ll then facilitate a discussion amongst participants so that every voice is heard and together we can build a better understanding of how to manifest more sustainable ways of working – for both our planet and the human beings involved.

Facilitator: Christian Gade Bjerrum (Denmark)

Christian Gade Bjerrum

Christian is an actor by profession and a climate activist by passion. Since 2007 he has created a series of campaigns, concepts and performances in Denmark, Nigeria, New York and Russia to raise awareness on the crisis we face. In 2016 he became a certified Council Guide from the Ehama Institute of New Mexico. An ancient practice from the Native Americans, creating balance within and a conscious connection to nature and all our relations through the teachings of Earth Wisdom.


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