WELCOME – Introduction to Danish Performing Arts by theatre critic Monna Dithmer and venue directors Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen and Eva Præstin

Are you curious about what’s going on in Danish performing arts these days? About the kind of theatre, dance and new performance formats that are present and growing in this small country in Northern Europe/Southern Scandinavia? Denmark is a country with a relatively large population of well-educated, middleclass people who are interested in the arts but with a laid-back approach. Social awareness, comic release and an informal tone characterizes the mainstream Danish performing arts experience – while the independent field aim to disrupt this.

We have invited one of Denmark’s most influential critical voices to give her perspective on this—theatre critic Monna Dithmer. She has been observing the Danish performing arts closely for over 20 years. We are also joined by the new Creative & Executive Director of Bora-Bora—a dance and theatre venue in Aarhus—Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen, who will share what she sees emerging onto the Danish performing arts scene. Finally, Director & Producer Eva Præstiin of Betty Nansen in Copenhagen will share her perspective on what she experiences to be the driving forces of Danish performing arts.

Monna Dithmer

Monna is one of Denmark’s most well-respected critics of modern contemporary dance and theatre, and she is particularly interested in new trends within the performing arts (theatre, performance, dance, contemporary circus). In addition to publishing reviews, she also works as a moderator and guest lecturer.

Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen – Bora Bora, Aarhus

Lotte is Creative & Executive Director at Bora Bora—a venue for dance and visual theatre in Aarhus. She holds a MA in Dramaturgy and Journalism from Aarhus University, as well as executive certificates in leadership, project management and process facilitation.

Eva Præstiin – Betty Nansen, Copenhagen

Eva is the Director and Producer at Betty Nansen and has worked within the performing arts for more than 20 years – as a stage manager, producer and administrative manager a.o. as a producer at The Royal Danish Theatre and Teater Republique. Throughout the years Eva has been exploring, how artistic work processes can be developed and designed in order to create the best possible framing for every single performance.


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