Dance is movement and the strategies to unfold it can be quite different. In this session we have invited three Danish companies that embraces dance in quite different ways. The award-winning Uppercut Danseteater always approaches dance as an expression of mind and body – with a playful approach. Dance as passionate expression. DON GNU is known for their socks-in-sandal-humor however they have entered a collaboration with a Danish theatre (Mungo Park) where they use dance as a strategy to connect with and understand the residents in a social housing area in the outskirts of Denmark. Dance as audience development and social tool. Glad Teater is Denmark’s leading inclusive theatre company. In their latest work STORMEN – The Tempest, they push the three very different bodies on stage to their limits in a meditative ongoing physical energetic outburst. Dance as a road to physical exhaustion. Why do you use these strategies? And what are the specific challenges in these strategies that make you grow in your artistic process?

In discussion: Stephanie Thomasen (Uppercut Danseteater), Jannik Elkjær & Kristoffer L. A. Pedersen (DON GNU), Lars Werner (Glad Teater) Virve Sutinen (Tanz im August)

Moderator: Karen Toftegaard – CPH STAGE

NB: You can meet the works and artists at CPH STAGEs INTERNATIONAL DAYS 2022