CPH STAGE’s International Days 8. – 10. June is an essential meeting point for artists, producers, directors, who work internationally or aspire to do so – and are based in Denmark. In 2022 the event welcomed 130 Danish and international professionals to meet the Danish performing arts industry. It is also a place to meet and we facilitate meetings between all participants. In order to support emerging artists and producers within the field – after some challenging years – we launched an Open Call for emerging artists and producers to participate in a support program in 2022. This is the continuation of this. This year we expand the initiative to include people from Faroe Islands and Greenland.    

Open call for emerging artists and producers from Denmark, Greenland and Faroe Islands

We would like to invite 6 artists/producers from Denmark, Greenland or Faroe Islands to participate in CPH STAGEs International Days 8. – 10. June in a supportive programme – with a facilitated workshop about international collaborations 6. + 7. June 11.00am – 5.00pm. During the international days there will be brief check-in meetings with coaching.

Deadline: 13.12.22

Any questions: international@cphstage.com

The seven selected artists and producers in EMERGING ARTISTS/PRODUCERS PROGRAMME 2022:

Amanda Tilia Hamelle, Artist based in creative producing, dramaturgy, curating, and artistic research – How To Kill A Dog

“I’ve always felt drawn to the shared artistic language that can reach us across nations, borders, countries, and norms. The unique ability preforming arts has to touch us beyond our mother tung and move us beyond our ability to verbally understand. That is a potential I truly want to work with. “

  • Antoinette Helbing, Choreographer – Independen

Producing internationally enriches my creative processes with perspectives that are different from nordic thinking and expressing. Performing internationally allows my works to grow in the meeting with a divers audience – and supports my idea of sustainability as the work gets to perform more often.

  • Cirkeline Dahl Bondesen – Choreographer and mover 

“I have been staging choreography since 2019 where I co-founded Funen Dance Company (Det Fynske Dansekompagni). My choreographic work explores existential and psychological themes which has led me into working with methods from physical theater and performance art. I wish to develop international connections and possibilities since the nature of this work is physical and non-verbal and therefore suitable for an international audience. I wish to share Funen produced stage work as a contribution to the international scene within dance and physical theater and invite my work to be influenced and inspired by this scene.

  • Katrina Bugaj, Director, Performance Maker – Out of Balance/Independent 

“As a director, immigrant and woman, every project I make involves international collaboration. I’m invested in building relationships and exchanging ideas with colleagues about how to manifest new ways of working together internationally. I believe we all gain if we collaborate; subvert; reinvent.”

  • Marie Dahl, Director, Playwright, Interdisciplinary Art Maker – Independent

As an artist that creates interdisciplinary works with universal themes that are either non-verbal or in different languages, working internationally is the only thing that makes sense for me. My performances are made for human beings, human bodies and human senses – not nationalities. It’s an exchange that disregards borders.

  • Sarah Louise Kristiansen, Choreographer – Independent 

“The programme is an excellent way for me to connect with what working internationally looks like in 2022 and beyond. While the pandemic helped me establish my artistic practise in my home country I am now exited to explore new ways of bringing my work to theatres, communities and audiences abroad.”

  • Signe Sandvej, Junior Producer – Art and About 

“Working internationally, is an opportunity for me to take the next step as a producer. Developing tools and knowledge to guide my clients on how to place and navigate their art in an international setting. Giving them the right framework, so they can prioritize their energy where it matters most, in their art.”

Please welcome them with kindness