You will find below a summary of all the emails you have received from us lately. This info page exists in order to concentrate all important information and facilitate our communication. It will be updated often.

  • 5. December 2022 at 9.30 – 11.00: Online meeting for all selected companies – Introduction to CPH STAGEs Danish showcase programme and introduction to content and purpose for Digital Launch 9. February 2023 
  • 4. January 2023 at 9.30 – 11.00: Online meeting for all selected companies regarding Digital Launch 
  • 8. February 2023: Digital launch of programme for CPH STAGEs International Days – unfolding the selected works 
  • 11. February 2023 – 15. April 2023: 1-3 companies will be part of developing digital showcases to be presented in relation to CPH STAGEs International Days 2022 
  • 29. March 2023 at 9.30 – 12.30 ONLY PITCH: Participition in obligatory preparation pitch-workshop 
  • 26. April 2023 at 9.30 – 17.00 ONLY PITCH: Participation in 30 minutes slot to professional video-recording of pitch 
  • 11. May 2023: Release of pitching videos on website – shared with our international newsletter list and guests attending CPH STAGEs International Days 2022 as well as on SoMe-platforms 
  • 8. – 10. June 2023: CPH STAGEs International Days, in-person (NB: sneak-start 7. june in the evening) 
  • 19. – 23. June 2023: Individual evaluations with selected companies – participate in 20 minutes evaluation conversation (on phone/zoom) after CPH STAGE to share concrete results, experiences and insights – for both participants and the festival to grow from. 


We have started the layouts of your presentation pages, we are missing some information. Please send us the missing information as soon as possible before the 5th of January.

We use these presentations to introduce you to the international guests. This is a collaboration to make the very best presentation of your work to the international performing arts field. 


  • Info about the show
  • Trailer
  • The context – new this year you need to answer this question: In which context and from what position have you made this work? Which context for your work is important to give people from other cultures? Your answer will be placed under the context headline. (400 characters including space)
  • Info about the company (400 characters including space)
  • International strategy (what your international goals are – where you want to go and why)
  • Format and sustainability
  • Language
  • Trigger warning
  • Audience target
  • Website
  • Contact person
  • Credits

This presentation page is for professionals and not for audiences. We will also be launching a new website in early March – all content will be transferred – however the link will be different.

  • 05/12/22: FOLLOW UP


  • Which context for your work is important to give people from other cultures?
  • What kind of topics do you want to focus on in your work? To show the value of it to the international field of professionals (and audiences)?
  • What are your thoughts about who are relevant for your work to go international?
  • Questions?

Invitationlist – please fill out the attached invitation-template and send no later than 14. December (it really saves us a lot of time if you use this template, so please do).


Previous digital showcases:

And Lucie will get back to you next week – with a first draft of presentation of your work online (excluding graphics).

Please remember to change your graphics material (and send us an update about it on email – to before Christmas. In Januar we cannot be flexible about changing it.