Three Danish collectives have combined their artistic approaches and created works that emanate a deep integration of sound and performing art in the overall artistic experience. In the work OCEANIC by Marie Topp & Julia Giertz, the protagonist, the sounding sculptures and the light create an embodied space for careful tuning and wild listening. Institute of Interconnected Realities describe their work SONG OF 8 as a concert of body and voice. Whereas Jules Fischer & Mathilde Böcher unfold sound and performance in their opera performance based on the poetry of the queer icon SAPPHO. How do you create profoundly integrated artistic works when combining different art approaches? And what do we lack in our current language to identify what is really at stake in these kind of integrated works?

In the discussion: Marie Topp, Jules Fischer & Matilde Böcher, Ida-Elisabeth Larsen & Jonathan Bonnici (Institute of Interconnected Realities), Dries Douibi (Kunstenfestivaldesarts – BE)

Moderator: Karen Toftegaard

NB: You can meet the works and artists at CPH STAGEs INTERNATIONAL DAYS 2022