2020 – Fix&Foxy // DARK NOON


Seven South African actors play out a western with cowboys and Indians, gold diggers and deadly gunfights. Director Tue Biering and co-director, choreographer Nhlanhla Mahlangu and the actors dive into a time, when 35 million hungry and poor Europeans fled across the Atlantic to get a second chance, to conquer gold and hunt down the American dream.

The play opens with an empty stage and the set is slowly built as the immigrants develop their village on red clay soil with saloon, gold mine, railway and church in the harsh, barren country where not all dreams come true. A performance about white immigration and who gets to represent who.


Fix&Foxy has produced work for little more than a decade – theatre, performance art, social interaction, immersive installations etc. Our work is driven by curiosity and a desire to create complex narratives through playful, entertaining and easily accessible formats while challenging our prejudices – our presumptions and misconceptions about ourselves and the world around.

We want to engage with our society and address the times we live in by involving our audiences – and by telling stories about the people who make up society. Often we invite people on stage who are rarely presented or represented in theatres – because we believe that performing art plays a vital role in society – and we can actually make a difference when people meet face to face and confront and interact with people they have opinions about but hardly ever meet in person.

We have worked with physically and mentally challenged people, children, prostitutes, refugees, homeless people and other groups alienated from mainstream society. We continue to do so along with staging plays with a more conventional set up with trained actors – or we mix the two genres and concepts. Whatever we do, however we do it – we always entertain the element of surprise.







From Nov 2020


Thursday 28. May, 4.15 – 4.55 PM: FIXING THE INCONVENIENT IN FOXY WAYS // Fix&Foxy




Annette Max Hansen
International Producer


Director Tue Biering

Choreographer and co-director Nhlanhla Mahlangu

Performers Bongani Bennedict Masango, Joe Young, Lillian Tshabalala, Mandla Gaduka, Siyambonga Alfred Mdubeki, Katlego Kaygee Letsholonyana and Thulani Zwane

Set designer Johan Kølkjær

Sound designer Ditlev Brinth

Light designer Christoffer Gulløv

Props designer  Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz

Props coordinator Therese Jensen

Director’s assistant Katinka Hurvig Møller

Researcher and assistant Kathrine Fremming

Carpenter Per Christensen and Joakim Rødegaard

Carpenter Frederik Rønholt Bogh

Costume designer Camilla Lind

Costume designer’s assistants Lisa Kristensen og Ane Katrine Kjær

Video designer Rasmus Kreiner

Photographer and graphic designer Søren Meisner

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Bikubenfonden and Beckett-Fonden.

Dark Noon is produced in collaboration with Revolver at Republique.