2020 – Naja Lee Jensen // DARKNESS AND NATURE (Experimental interdisciplinary performance)


Darkness and Nature is an interdisciplinary, experimental performance where sound, smell, light, darkness, tactile touch and site-specificity creates an encompassing sensorial universe for the audience.

Darkness and Nature invites the audience to experience their individual perception of the world while lying in a tent in the dark. The piece questions if we, humans, can re-establish a lost connection with Nature by surrendering to darkness. With the current focus on man-made climate change, perhaps what we need is darkness to rediscover ourselves as a part of Nature?

Please note that the audience will experience the performance while lying in a 1 person tent. 


Naja Lee Jensen occupies the in-between space between stage art and fine arts. Her interest is directed towards the relationship between perception, body and space.


No video has been made due to the absence of light during the performance.


The performance was presented in Atalante in Gothenburg. Its Danish premiere will be held during the festival.

The team is constituted of 3 person and is available for touring opportunities in 2020/2021.


Friday 29th Maj 3:30 pm
Friday 29th Maj kl. 6:00 pm (incl. in the International Programme)
Friday 29th Maj kl. 8:30 pm
Saturday 30th Maj kl. 3:30 pm
Saturday 30th Maj kl. 6:00 pm (incl. in the International Programme)
Saturday 30th Maj kl. 8:30 pm
Sunday 31st Maj kl. 3:30 pm
Sunday 31st Maj kl. 6:00 pm (incl. in the International Programme)
Sunday 31st Maj kl. 8:30 pm
Monday 1st June kl. 3:30 pm
Monday 1st June kl. 6:00 pm (incl. in the International Programme)
Monday 1st June kl. 8:30 pm


Stairway, Jernbane Allé 38, 2720 Vanløse 
NB: Meet up: Vanløse Station in front of 7Eleven




Naja Lee Jensen, n.l.jensen@gmail.com, 50559684


Artistic leader: Naja Lee Jensen
Sound artist: Kristian Hverring

Visual artist: Andreas Hald Oxenvad

Olfactory artist: Klara Ravat

Light designer: Tobias Leira

Producer: Johanna Maj Thorning

Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation and Arts Council Norway