2020 – Recoil Performance Group // AS I COLLAPSE


as I collapse is a choreographic work originally conceived in 2017 for stage presentation, later developed and presented as an immersive installation during the Ou\/ert Festival in Bourges (France) in November 2019.

as I collapse is presented at CPH Stage 2020 in its immersive installation form, a sensorial universe made of darkness, silence and water in which small groups of humans encounter a colony of Pyrocystis Fusiformis, tiny beings which are capable of producing light with their body.

As I collapse invites humans to engage in a collective speculation on being adopted by these fascinating beings. A speculation on what the idea of family is – and the thought of imagining the expansion of family beyond species.

The audience will hear and feel different bodies of water and encounter the constant shifting of this fluid element which is both the habitat of Pyrosistis and a crucial bodily element across species.

Duration: approximately 1 hour for each audience member. The total duration/capacity of event is to be agreed (usually 4h max. for 120 people in cycles of 30min per groups of 20 people).


recoil is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories and formats. The common driving force is to de-center the human in a performative space, in which all elements, digital or biological, human or not, are imagined on the same hierarchical level. In her early work, this took the form of human movement in dialogue with software art, while later creations have focused more on sensorial analogue universes where light, sound and different beings form immersive experiences and invites for the engagement and discourse with the audience.


The performance is movement-driven. The introduction is available in Danish, English, Spanish and Catalan.






Touring in Denmark at the moment, available from September 2020. The touring team is constituted of 3 people. The performance is adaptable to various spaces: the space should be min. 100m². and the performance requires rigging (possible with truss ground support).


Thursday 28th May 6:00 pm
Thursday 28th May 6:30 pm
Thursday 28th May 7:00 pm
Thursday 28th May 8:00 pm
Thursday 28th May 8:30 pm
Thursday 28th May 9:00 pm
Friday 29th May 6:00 pm
Friday 29th May 6:30 pm
Friday 29th May 7:00 pm
Friday 29th May 8:00 pm
Friday 29th May 8:30 pm
Friday 29th May 9:00 pm
Saturday 30th May 2:00 pm
Saturday 30th May 2:30 pm
Saturday 30th May 3:00 pm
Saturday 30th May 4:00 pm
Saturday 30th May 4:30 pm
Saturday 30th May 5:00 pm


Husets Teater
Halmtorvet 9
1700 København V




Carlos Calvo. (producer) carlos@recoil-performance.com


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Dancer: Nelly Zagora

Sound Design: Mikkel Larsen

Producer: Carlos Calvo

PR: Ida Fredericia

Graphics, photos and video: Søren Meisner

Researching artist/ Consultant: Pei-Ying Lin

Scenography based on idea by Sille Dons Heltoft

Lighting inspired by original design for As I Collapse by Minna Tiikkainen