2020 – Recoil Performance Group // AS I COLLAPSE: ONLINE INSTALLATION


as I collapse is a choreographic installation, specifically created to be experienced with the help of digital means. It is based on the 2017 stage production by the same title, which was the first piece of The Membrane Project, a trilogy of work dedicated to create encounters between homo sapiens and other species. as I collapse was inspired by a tiny special being which was also present on stage and in the hands of the audience; a bioluminiscent microscopic algae by the name of Pyrocystis Fusiformis.

Now in 2020 another microscopic being has completely shifted the way we live, meet and make art. In part triggered by that, but also motivated by a desire to create new choreographic formats, Recoil has decided to permanently transform as I collapse into this “online installation”. A performative meeting arena composed by the physical space the audience inhabit as receivers, the physical space Recoil inhabits as art makers and a shared virtual space where they meet in different steps.


Participants will be guided on a sensory exploration of water – a series of experiments conducted in the audience´s home. Water is the natural habitat for the algae Pyrocystis Fusiformis but it’s also a fundamental premise for life that binds all species on Earth together. During the different steps of this exploration, as I collapse proposes a collective speculation:

What would it be like to be adopted by Pyrocystis Fusiformis?

How would it feel to adapt to their habitat?

Can we imagine extended families across species?

What would we gain or lose in terms of singularity, sustainability or survival?

When does the “I” collapse and the “we” rise above it?

The piece consists of a numbers of layers the audience can dive into. They are designed with flexibility in mind, so the audience can decide for themselves when and how they want explore them.

Dedicated audiences can add a physical encounter to the experience. With the complicity of the local presenter, Recoil will send a colony of Pyrocystis Fusiformis to their homes with caretaking instructions. This applies also to participants of the Virtual International Days program of CPH Stage (please confirm participation latest May 14th if outside CPH to ensure delivery on time)

Other elements include a video-lecture on the thoughts inspired by working with Pyrocystis Fusiformis, a guided audio-meditation inspired by the sound and movement of water written by author Ida Marie Hede, and finally, a scheduled online meeting with a performer. This final meeting will be held with limited number of audiences. It aims to explore how one can build a sense of intimacy, when the physical meeting is challenged. Performer Nelly Zagora will share her own journey with the theme through physicality and text.


Online streaming: 25min. Can be repeated several times a day.
Other elements: variable duration. Audience´s choice.


Pre-recorded intro video: English with subtitles (subtitles in other languages are possible)

Other instructions: easily adapted to local language
Online streaming session: English or Swedish




Intro video for audiences (9 min):


Available from July 2020. No travel required.

Streaming part of the project can be organized in theatrical/visual arts spaces for groups or directly to viewers homes.




Carlos Calvo
0045 2568 7156


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Dancer: Nelly Zagora

Text: Ida Marie Hede, Nelly Zagora and Tina Tarpgaard

Sound Design: Mikkel Larsen

Producer: Carlos Calvo

PR: Ida Fredericia

Graphics, photos and video: Søren Meisner

Researching artist/ Consultant: Pei-Ying Lin


recoil is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories and formats. The common driving force is to de-center the human in a performative space, in which all elements, digital or biological, human or not, are imagined on the same hierarchical level. In her early work, this took the form of human movement in dialogue with software art, while later creations have focused more on sensorial analogue universes where light, sound and different beings form immersive experiences and invites for the engagement and discourse with the audience.