2021 – Barkan Productions // RESONANCE (Performance)

Clemetine AM Waldelius
Photocredit: Clemetine AM Waldelius


In this raw, absurd, playful music- performance, Anika Barkan- 47 years old woman/ 177cm / 90kg and Petter Wadsted 32 years old man /155cm / 55kg / challenge the normative, and question body ideals, identity, and the individual.

In a world where the fabricated substance of social media dominates, the artistic team behind RESONANCE questions our filtered perceptions of reality. For what is reality today? What can you trust? 

The performance is a study in natural behavior, an uproar where things are turned upside down, constructed and deconstructed.  The performance uses tools from social media, like snapchat, webcams, live and recorded voices, thereby exposing the manufactured reality. Through breaking down the norms of behavior and identity, RESONANCE highlights the beauty and strength of daring to be who you are – “imperfect”.

Duration : 70 min

THE COMPANY : Barkan Productions

Performancemaker Anika Barkan is an important figure in Danish Experimental Performing Arts. She pushes the boundaries and moves us with her presence and stories.

She has 25 years of experience and works in the intersection between performing arts and social engagement. She has studied and worked for 10 years in Japan, New York, South Africa and Palestine, with a number of legendary artists such as Min Tanaka, Anna Halprin, The Woostergroup and many more. She is the co-artistic director of the performance ensemble CoreAct. Since 2004 she has been based in Copenhagen, Denmark her place off birth. The focal point of her work is to examine how the performing arts can create alternative narratives that can broaden our perspective and improve our compass of empathy and compassion.

Her work contains many aspects. She writes, directs, produces, teaches and performs. She makes things happen. She has a tremendous strength and an irreversibility.


The performance is created by an international team with a strong international network. In today’s society we are all intertwined in a filtered reality- looking to redefine real human connection. Through tapping into and de-construction tools from social media, the piece touches something beyond a danish context, and Barkan production believes that it has relevance for diverse international audiences. They are actually working with Wildtopia on a strategy for an international tour.



English – Swedish – Danish






Anika Barkan, anikabarkan@mail.dk, +45 22539546



Performers and script: Anika Barkan, Petter Wadsten

Director: Cille Lansade

Lighting designer: Clementine AM Waldelius

Performers and script: Anika Barkan, Petter Wadsten

Director: Cille Lansade

Lighting designer: Clementine AM Waldelius


Filmed and Edited by: Søren Meisner

Sound: Søren Knud Christensen

Producer: Karen Toftegaard

Production manager: Ditte Drehn

Producer’s assistant: Lucie Auréjac

Pitch curated and produced by CPH STAGE.

Pitch is prepared and presented in collaboration with The Development Platform for Performing Arts and Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Composer/live music: Mika Forsling

Costumedesign: Camilla Lind 

Technical advise: Troels Jensen

Producer : Barkan produktion

Co producer: AFUK Scene