2021 – Convoi Exceptionnel // TRILOGY FOR EDUCATIONAL SPACES (Dance, Performance, Site-specific, Immersive)


Convoi Exceptionnel presents a site-specific trilogy that meets the audience where it, creating richly atmospheric experiences that use the settings of everyday life, away from the usual terrains of art. 

The performance company Convoi Exceptionnel plays with the concept of school memories in collaboration with PASSAGE Festival, Helsingør, Dansehallerne, Copenhagen and Bora Bora — production house of dance and visual theatre, Aarhus in 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

Convoi Exceptionnel and stage director Jon R. Skulberg confront a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a classroom, filling each with aesthetic content. The company creates poetic and sensory works, both thought-provoking and explorative.

For the gymnasium, an exhibition and acoustic, choreographic performance are combined into one work. For the swimming pool, a performance is composed for a choir of twelve singers staged in the pool. In the classroom, a sound-based work in the shape of a three-dimensional audio play unfolds. During our school years, we are marked by our surroundings, our classmates and our teachers. As the audience enters the gymnasium, the swimming pool and the classroom, they revisit spaces where they usually have to live up to a range of expectations. Hence spaces from the past have become part of memories of an adult audience. While these spaces are part of their real-time, everyday lives, and the present moment to a younger audience.

Duration :

THE COMPANY : Convoi Exceptionnel

CONVOI EXCEPTIONNEL is a Nordic production platform, focused on interdisciplinarity and spatial-somatic relationships within theatre, opera, choreography, and installation. 

The performances are developed with a strong visual gaze by balancing visual means, sound, and music into a holistic unity, which are in a relationship with one or more physical bodies. 

In a formalized aesthetic, frequently asked questions are: What is the tempo of this space? How to delay time? What is stillness? The potential of the 1:1 scale relationship between the performers and the audience is Convoi Exceptionnel`s center of attention.

Convoi Exceptionnel was founded in 2016.


This space-specific trilogy is created for a young audience (high school classes) and an adult audience. Convoi Exceptionnel find these audience groups in collaboration with local producers and festivals. Convoi Exceptionnel’s trilogy is rooted in Danish partnerships, and Nordic and Hong Kong-based collaborations and opportunities. Each production will foster a specific tour where they work specifically in the selected public educational spaces. They see significant opportunities in the trilogy and wish to develop new and relevant presenting partnerships in the Nordic Region, Europe and Asia. Simultaneously, the company is open to opportunities outside the listed regions if a sustainable model is possible.



Nonverbal or Danish. Local surtitles/translations available for touring.





Lene Bang Henningsen, Producer + 45 22560269 / direct@lenebang.org

Jon R. Skulberg, Artistic Director / +45 29895040 / jonskulberg@gmail.com



Moving a memory:

Concept, space and instruction: Jon R. Skulberg (NO/DK)

Choreography: Wayson Poon (HK)

Installations: Maiken Bent (DK)

Composition and live music: Paul Yip (HK)

Dancers: Wayson Poon, King San Lo (HK), Linette Stamp Christensen (DK)

Dramaturge: Astrid Hansen Holm (DK)

General manager, creative producer: Lene Bang (DK)

Hong Kong producer: Carrol Ho, Kalos Production (HK)

Producer, tour manager: Sigrid Aakvik (NO/DK)

Production: Convoi Exceptionnel

Crawl Crawl Crawl:

Staging, costume, lighting concept: Jon R. Skulberg (DK/NO) 

Composer: Lil Lacy (DK)

Libretto: Lil Lacy (DK), Jon R. Skulberg (DK/NO), Astrid Hansen Holm (DK) 

Conductor: Mathias Skaarup (DK) 

Dramaturge: Astrid Hansen Holm (DK)

Choir / 12 singers: Ensemble Edge (DK) 

General manager, creative producer: Lene Bang (DK)

Hong Kong producer: Carrol Ho (HK)

Producer, tour manager: Sigrid Aakvik (NO/DK)

Production: Convoi Exceptionnel

Support by The Danish Arts Foundation.


Photos: Søren Kjekdgaard, Louise Kirkegaard, Micke Sandstrõm, Jon R. Skulberg, Cheung Wai Lok, Kristian Hverring, Marielle ØYRE, Metalmagazine, Felix Glasmeyer, Karl Lam, Lars Just, Maiken Bent

Filmed and Edited by: Søren Meisner

Sound: Søren Knud Christensen

Producer: Karen Toftegaard

Production manager: Ditte Drehn

Producer’s assistant: Lucie Auréjac

Pitch curated and produced by CPH STAGE.

Pitch is prepared and presented in collaboration with The Development Platform for Performing Arts and Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.