2021 – Gunilla Lind Danseteater // SORRY NOT SORRY (Dance)

Photocredit: Kasper Nybo


Take up space. Make noise! Lift yourself up and strech yourself out!

SORRY NOT SORRY is an explosive, fast-paced dance performance that challenges our fear of taking up space in the world – with our bodies and minds.

Make yourself ready for fast-moving dancers in a huge, colorful inflatable scenography. An uplifting invitation to dare taking up space, expanding and making noise – in a voluminous soundscape of surf punk, rock and ferocity. SORRY NOT SORRY is a bodily manifestation of fourth-wave feminism. It riots against a long tradition of the male gaze upon the female body as sexualized. A body connected to everything that is tempting and alluring, to witchcraft and to the Madonna-whore complex. Instead, the performance focuses on the right of women to reclaim the power over their own bodies and sexuality.

Duration : 50 min

THE COMPANY : Gunilla Lind Danseteater

Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre is a Copenhagen based dance company led by choreographer and artistic director Gunilla Lind.

Gunilla Lind puts a mirror up to society through her thought-provoking works. She creates visual works offering the spectator colour harmonies and surprising shapes. Through experimenting costumes Gunilla Lind dehumanizes the performers in order to challenge the way we perceive other human beings and the way we look at ourselves.

Consistent interests in Gunilla Lind’s choreographic work are identity projects, body image, gender roles and self-promotion through social media


Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre international strategy includes a goal to establish long lasting relations to international key persons within the field of contemporary performing arts who know their artistic profile and can help them expand their network. They want to reach adults and young people +16. They mainly focus on Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and Northern Europe. Areas in which they have already presented their work with success and where they have established some contacts who can help them  move further in these regions. 

Gunilla Lind Dance Theatre put a lot of effort into creating a long afterlife for their productions on tour in Denmark as well as internationally in order to use the resources spent on productions again and again.









Gunilla Lind, gunillalinddanseteater@gmail.com, +45 40402941



Concept and Idea: Gunilla Lind

Choreographer: Gunilla Lind

Dancers: Josefine Elna Ibsen, Ruth Rebekka Hansen

Scenographer: Kirsten Victoria Lind

Composers: Kristoffer Rosing-Schow, Anders Pedersen

Dramaturge: Betina Rex

Photos and trailer: Kasper Nybo

Producer/PR : Shuli Nordbek

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation, Augustinusfonden, Louis-Hansen Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, William Demant Fonden and The Municipality of Copenhagen.


Trailer Video: Kasper Nybo

Interview: Søren Meisner

Filmed and Edited by: Søren Meisner

Sound: Søren Knud Christensen

Producer: Karen Toftegaard

Production manager: Ditte Drehn

Producer’s assistant: Lucie Auréjac

Pitch curated and produced by CPH STAGE.

Pitch is prepared and presented in collaboration with The Development Platform for Performing Arts and Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation