2021 – Himherandit Productions // CHAMPIONS (Performance, Digital, Video installation)

Photocredit: Christoffer Brekne


What makes us all champions? 

What are we dealing with in our personal lives? 

Do we ever stop and deal with our vulnerabilities?

Champions is an emotionally impactive performance installation that deals with universal issues of parent-child relations, loneliness and individual resilience. The performance features the interview recordings of the artist’s father, mother and himself in conversation with his therapist. During this performance installation Andreas Constantinou challenges himself to do nothing in front of a live audience.

Gradually a personal story is revealed: a story of a strained relationship between a gay man, his homophobic father, a stern mother, and a lonely individual who is facing his deepest vulnerabilities. The scenography comes to life; the walls erupt into sudden action as video projections spill across the room. A full-blown wrestling match fills the walls as two men throw each other between different landscapes. The images tell of a subconscious battle within the self. The videos switch on and off in rhythmic intervals between the silent room where the performer endures sitting with himself and the audience. Out of the silent room objects start coming to life. Voices appear out of the radio, TV and gramophone in the room. These are the voices of the artist’s father, mother, therapist and himself.

Champions has received high critical acclaim from danish reviewers and was this year nominated for a Reumert Award 2020 in the category for Best Performance.

Duration : 40 min


HIMHERANDIT Productions is one of the leading queer art companies in Denmark led by the artistic vision of Andreas Constantinou. Their artistic practice fluctuates between genres of performance art, physical theatre, contemporary dance, immersive theatre and large-scale video installations. The company develops projects that push, provoke, and engage audience into discourse around social subjects of gender, sexuality and identity.

HIMHERANDIT is an in-house company at Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater, Aarhus, Denmark. They present a wide range of works nationally and internationally such as staged performances, community engagement programs and the queer arts festival The GENDER HOUSE Festival.


HIMHERANDIT Productions international strategy is to build up extended networks with venues that have an interest in the presentation, exchange and development of Queer performance practice.  They seek to develop LGBTQIA+ audience as well as those who have an interest in the themes of the performance. They have an aim to further present their work in theatres and festivals that dare to present confrontational artworks. HIMHERANDIT Productions aim to establish long lasting relations with venues for future collaboration and exchange.






Betty Nansen / Edison Scenen :

Betty Nansen Teatret :
Frederiksberg Allé 57
1820 Frederiksberg C
Billettelefon 70 272 272

Edison :
Edisons vej 10
1856 Frederiksberg C
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Sigrid Aakvik – Art & About, info@art-and-about.dk, +45 40791158


Choreographer/Director: Andreas Constantinou

Collaborating director: Dagamara Bilon

Performers: Andreas Constantinou, Aris Papadopoulos, Jesper Holm Hermansen

Video design: Christoffer Brenke

Installation design: Jeppe Cohrt, Andreas Constantinou

Sound design: Jeppe Cohrt

Music sample from: Ghosteen by Nick Cave

Dramaturg: Jeppe Nissen

Psychologist/dramaturg: Kristine Graugaard

Wrestling coach: Mikkel Wind

Artistic assistant: Rita Maria Faria

Creative producer: Kirstine Marie Bauning

Co-produced by Bora Bora – dans og visuelt teater. Funded by Statens Kunstfond, Aarhus Kommune.