2021 – Moribund // ENGLISH SPEAKERS (Sound Performance)

Photocredit: Søren Meisner


Queen – kvinde – kvæn. 

The English language is full of words of Nordic origin. Using ten words with roots in Norse as its starting point, ENGLISH SPEAKERS examines the English language through sound, music, speech, linguistics and history. It is a dizzying journey filled with etymological pop, verbal inflection r&b, breathing beats and choral arrangements about swear words. An exploration of language, which puts your understanding of language to the test.

Anyone can speak English. But what would English say if it could tell its own story?

ENGLISH SPEAKERS is a soundscape performed by nine speakers in circle formation. Take your seat in a darkened room and become immersed in Sara Hamming’s sound choreography. You will be listening to English: a language and a protagonist, all in one voice. What is this strange speech flowing from the mouth of English – the visionary song of a völva or the incoherent ravings of a megalomaniac matriarch on the brink of a breakdown? And who is this chorus of voices trying to make themselves heard and take part in her narrative?

Duration : 70 min

THE COMPANY : Moribund

Moribund produces performances occupied with language in the electric space between past and present.


Moribund is planning to tour widely internationally to namely festivals and venues in the Nordic countries and in the UK, reaching theatre/performance, music and literature audiences with this cross disciplinary production. Their performance can be comprehended by everyone with a basic knowledge of English.









Mary Paterson, mail@moribund.dk, +44 (0) 7956 964 683 / +45 28 92 25 84


Narrator: Sue Hansen-Styles

Speaking voices: Alexandra Jespersen, David Bateson, Emilia Gasiorek, Jonathan Bonnici, Linda Elvira, Malte Joe Frid-Nielsen, Ragna Solbergnes

Singing voices: Anja Jacobsen, Kristoffer Jessen, Lil Lacy, Lucy Love and Simon Rønne Rischel

Manuscript and sound choreography: Sara Hamming

Music composition: Anja Jacobsen, Lil Lacy

Dramaturgy: Tanja Diers

Production management: Ragna Solbergnes

Historical language consultant: Seán Vrieland

Surround mix, design and mastering: Cato Langnes

Sound technician: Ingvild Skandsen

Assisting sound technician: Tanya Theo Johansson

Light design: Clementine Waldelius

Light programming: Filip Vilhelmson

PR: Anna Ullman

PR-texts: Anna Ullman and Solveig Daugaard

Graphic design: Pulsk Ravn

Producer in the UK: Mary Paterson

Fundraiser: Malene Engelund

Documentation and video trailer: Søren Meisner

Booklet editor: Anna Ullman

Texts for booklet: Anna Ullman, Mary Paterson, Solveig Daugaard and Seán Vrieland

Podcast production: Anne Neimann Clement

Co-producers: Notam – Norwegian centre for technology, art and music,Inter Arts Center at the University of Lund in Malmö.

English Speakers is a Moribund production.

English Speakers is supported by The Danish Arts Council, The Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Culture Point, The Oticon/William Demant Foundation, The AP Møller Foundation


Trailer Video: Søren Meisner

Filmed and Edited by: Søren Meisner

Sound: Søren Knud Christensen

Producer: Karen Toftegaard

Production manager: Ditte Drehn

Producer’s assistant: Lucie Auréjac

Pitch curated and produced by CPH STAGE.

Pitch is prepared and presented in collaboration with The Development Platform for Performing Arts and Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation