Søren Meisner
Photocredit: Søren Meisner


How do we humans shape and cultivate nature and how does that process cultivate and shape a human body? What is it to cultivate a body?

Two performers from different traditions: a contemporary dancer and a neo-flamenco dancer will inhabit these questions in a set incorporating living crops on the stage. For international presentations, this crop (rye grass) will be grown in each hosting city prior to the performances in a collaborative process with Recoil which can engage a local school, a community center or farmers… This forms the framework for a sensory-saturated and physical narrative about cultivating the soil and cultivating the human body. About what is natural and what is not natural. And about how we, as humans, stand perpetually in between.

HØST (HARVEST) has been developed through a civic-engagement process in the region of West Jutland in Denmark, where choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and composer Lars Greve are originally from. Though a series of encounters with farmers and other citizens, the process to create HARVEST will explore memories and traditions associated with farming and harvest and juxtapose it to the very own trade of being a dancer.

With audience on the round, the stage is transformed into a large speaker by making the floor reverberate and setting the scenography and the dancers in motion. This can be felt by the audience who will also see, hear and smell a live harvest of the crops, creating a unique immersive experience.

Duration : 60 min


HØST is developed with environmental sustainability criteria. This includes the use of local standard stage podiums as the base for the set design. This is then layered with Recoil’s technical equipment for light and reverberating sound and the locally-grown crops.

It can play both in black boxes or in non-theatrical venues without a lighting grid, with audience on the round.


Recoil is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories. The driving force before Tina Tarpgaard’s creations has been to de-center the human from the performative space and to foster critical thinking through movement-based work. In her early performances, this took the form of interdependence between human movement and software art. In later years, she has focused on more analogue universes which have included other biological entities in an attempt to put into perspective human presence into the ecosystem and speculate about potential alliances and future scenario.


Recoil has built a strong network of international partners and presenters. In the last years through collaborations and presentations of the Membrane Project, a trilogy of work presenting encounters between humans and other biological species which has visited Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Brasil, Finland, or the Faroe Islands, either through physical or digital presentations. And they are already in conversations to bring work to Spain and Australia in 2021 and 2022.

Recoil will build on those existing relationships and continue with their presence in international platforms and networks like IETM, CINARS, Ice Hot. Last but not least, their participation in CPH Stage in the last years has proven crucial in strengthening their international profile.


  • Pitching in-person at Betty Nansen/Edison scenen: 3. June 11.30am – 01.00pm CET


Danish/Norwegian and Spanish. Outside Scandinavia it can play in Spanish and English.






Carlos Calvo, Creative Producer, carlos@recoil-performance.org, +45 25687156


Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Dancers: Hilde Sandvold, Jossette Reilly

Composer: Lars Greve

Music Producer: Jakob Høyer

Light designer: Andreas Buhl

Sound designer: Mikkel Larsen

Photographer: Fryd Frydendahl

Icon Photographer: Søren Meisner

PR: Ida Fredericia

Producer: Carlos Calvo

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The William Demant Foundation, The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Bikuben Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation and the municipality of Copenhagen.