2021 – Teater FreezeProductions // NARSARSUAQ//SLETTEN (Performance)


  • Wednesday 02nd June 9.00pm
  • Thursday 03rd June 12.00pm
  • Friday 04th June 7.00pm


“NARSARSUAQ//SLETTEN ” is a huge multi performance project established and directed by Hanne Trap Freeze.

In the 60 and 70’s the Danish Government decided to move the Greenlandic peoples at the coast of Greenland into cities , and into areas of concrete and small apartments called Narsarsuaq in Nuuk. Some welcomed the modern accommodations and some lost themselves, their identities. Some had the strength to build good strong families, but others were lost. The Narsarsuaq today is full of memories , stories, beautiful, hard, longing, fulfilled, devastating and warm stories – stories of the lives being lived there for 30 years.

Each piece is written by different Greenlandic and Nordic writers and authors, and each have their respective decade and themes, that are all still very important in the discussion in the postcolonial time, both in Denmark but also globally. 2021 is the 300 th. Year of the Danish colonization of Greenland and urbanization is just one of the aspects of the postcolonial realities. The Project will tour through Denmark after CPH Stage.

Duration : Each piece is about 30 min

THE COMPANY : Teater FreezeProductions

Teater freezeProductions produces new Danish drama, visually beautiful and temperamental theater. The Theater works with current issues and wants us to pause, think, contemplate, sense and converse. The theatre works in varying forms, sometimes very musical, sometimes more textual.

The necessity of questioning the conventions and the norm is what the plays created by freezeProductions have in common. Teater freezeProductions creates productions across genres and follows the theme and the play’s dynamic instead of being dogmatic in its approach to form or theme. Dogmas are limiting, and the theatre wishes to work beyond restrictive limits and rigid beliefs.

The purpose of the theatre is to entertain, provoke, be difficult, be beautiful and ugly, make us feel who we are, where we come from, what kind of world we’re living in, and reflect upon if this is the kind of world we want it to be. Who am I? Who are you? Who are we? Do we know our past? Do we know the present? Do we dare to?


The pieces appeal to both the professional setting within the theater and dance internationally as well as the peoples of indigenous background. There is a huge interest in postcolonial history, the movement of taking back our history and of the voices and the narratives to be used within the theater. 

The audience will be of both young and old, schools, universities. The plays appeal both to theaters and also to organizations, as they can be shown in many different settings internationally. The fundament of the project  is to be able to play anywhere with little use of gear.






Det Grønlandske Hus :

Løvstræde 6
1152 Kbk K




Hanne Trap Friis, hanne@freezeproductions.dk, +45 31258345


Director: Hanne Trap Friis

Actor: Makka Kleist