2021 – Uppercut Danseteater // WHAT WAS MUST DIE – SAMBA (Dance)

Bahadir Badi Berber
Photocredit: Bahadir Badi Berber


Welcome to the blood-red imagination of the porker! A samba arena, a show ring, a hotbed, a pigsty. A circus of festivities, fellowships, secrets and seduction. 

SAMBA is raw. SAMBA is urban. SAMBA pulsates. SAMBA is sensual. SAMBA is dastardly deeds and connectedness. SAMBA is everything that arises in the space between us. SAMBA gets under our skin, behind our masks, into the ring; it embodies and makes space for everything we are. Nothing is clear-cut: not the cutest piglet or the hunkiest boar. With our snouts in the trough and our tails in the air we will grub deep into the mire and hurl ourselves into the human fellowship with all the misunderstandings, compromises and balancing acts that entails, tiptoeing on piggy toes through the mud in a world of pork. 

In SAMBA the audience is seated close to the circular arena. They are thus part of the set, which also features a suspension bridge, chairs, hay and mud. Live music is performed by the composer, who also happens to be a dancer. “Pig”, the main character, guides and leads you through all the awfulness and vanity of the show. 

“SAMBA is a bold production that asks the right questions and leaves you enchanted, pensive and fairly blown away. Pretty unforgettable.” 
Ida Spedtsberg

Duration : 60 min

THE COMPANY : Uppercut Danseteater

Uppercut DanseTheater Denmark’s largest – and only – Urban Contemporary dance company. Stylistically, the company invites you to a fresh fusion of different dance genres within the dance culture, which is illustrated through the individual dancers’ different backgrounds within e.g. Capoeira, Breakdance, Body Acrobatics and Contemporary. With Uppercut, the Danish dance scene has taken on a whole new dimension of physical equilibrist expression.

This new language of movement has contributed enormously to the urban scene in Denmark, just as it also challenges the current perception of modern dance. Uppercut’s special style is also felt in the mood of each performance, where the constant weave between the dark and powerful aesthetics, and the more comical elements suddenly appear when you least expect them.


Uppercut is already well established on the international urban dance circuit. Their strategy for the next few years is to expand the activities abroad to include a broader segment of modern dance communities.

As dance critic Anne Middelboe Christensen writes:  SAMBA “… is a bold dance production with international potential”. Hence Uppercut  intends to use SAMBA as a  “spearhead” show in order to achieve their goals. 






Dansekapellet :

Bispebjerg Torv 1
2400 København NV
Tlf: 82205730Københavns
Mail: admin@dansekapellet.dk





Peter Jentzsch, admin@uppercutdanseteater.dk, +45 28118841


Concept & choreography: Stephanie Thomasen

Music / Live percussionist: Alexander Skjold Henriksen

Scenography and Mask: Johan Kølkjær

Playwright: Betina Rex

Light Design: Peter Bodholdt Løkke 

Assistant choreographer: Lukas Larsen

Dancers: Alessandro Sousa Perira, Linn Fletcher, Mark Philip, Stephanie Thomasen