News / 8. February 2018

8 performances receive support to play at the international days

This year, for the first time, CPH STAGE (with support from The Danish Arts Foundation) is able to provide production-support to the performances playing at the international days during CPH STAGE (May 31 – June 2, 2018). The following performances has been selected to receive the production-funding. They all receive 20.000 DDK :

EXODUS (Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt & Andreas Liebmann)

MASS (Recoil)




V.O.M.P. (Gunilla Lind Danseteater)

Additionally, MANNING IS FREE (Mungo Park) and THE GREAT DICTATOR (Nørrebro Teater) has received funding to make the performances accessible to an English-speaking audience. They both receive 10.000 DDK.

The Committee
The performances for the international program has been selected by: Creative producer Lene Bang Henningen (Lene Bang Org.), curator Rickard Borgström (SILA- Scenekunstnernes forening i Grønland), dramaturge and curator Miriam Frandsen (Kgl. Teater/CPH STAGE) and international project manager Karen Toftegaard (CPH STAGE). The committee has considered legal incapacity.

The background of the curation:
“We have made the selection from an Open Call. We have emphasized to accentuate carefully prepared performances in full-length and with professional standards within its artistic terms. Performances with an international impact that we believe can use the international platform that CPH STAGE holds. A judgement has been made on the artistic variation within the represented field of applicants and every performance has been discussed in relation to its genre. The chosen ones, we believe, shows progress in the field of performing arts.”        

Facts about the curation
In total, we have received 29 applications. In genres, they differed from 10 performance shows, 8 dance performances, 4 theatrical performances, 3 contemporary circus performances and 4 music performances. The applicants were from the whole country and from different types of organizations – with an overweight on project funded theatres. In total, there has been applied for 629.486 DDK.


Photo: V.O.M.P. by Gunilla Lind Danseteater.