Accreditation for international professionals

Here you’ll find more details on the accreditation for international professionals at CPH STAGE. Please note that you can be part of the INTERNATIONAL VISITORS PROGRAMME which gives you access to attend pitch-sessions, curated discussions, networking-events and a priority to book tickets for curated Danish shows at the international programme. The International days take place 28. – 30. May 2020.

If you only need an accreditation to seeing shows (as long as tickets are available) – please see more right here:

Who can get an accreditation?
– Professionals of the theatre and performing arts field
– Professionals working in press

An accreditation includes:
– Tickets for the international shows and curated Danish showcase
– Daily updates on the shows during the festival
– Guides on the shows in the months before the festival

Please note! 
The accreditation is by invitation only and costs 30 Euro.
Please contact International Producer Karen Toftegaard –

If you furthermore want to participate in the INTERNATIONAL VISITOR’S PROGRAMME (which also includes pitch-sessions, networking-events and much more) you’ll only have to buy a ticket for that and then all of the above-mentioned will be included.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact our international team at