News / 17. March 2016

CPH STAGE 2016 is looking for volunteers

If you love theatre and want to be part of the team behind CPH STAGE, you now have the opportunity to sign up as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will be an indispensable part of the festival team and thus help create the biggest CPH STAGE so far with over 110 plays and performances.


Depending on your interests and experience you can become a volunteer in many different areas. Some tasks require more responsibility and time than others, but the stardard requirement is four 4-hour shifts or three 5-hour shifts. Most shifts require a minimum of two people so you will never be alone. As a volunteer, you get a free lunch while on duty, a CPH STAGE T-Shirt and a volunteer card that gives you discounts and free access to individual performances during the festival. As an extra through out the year you will be invited to various open rehearsals or prepremieres, events and parties via our facebook group.


BARLØVE: You are a night bird and up for being the beer keg master at the first edition of CPH STAGEs Night Cabaret at Folketeatret. The Night Cabaret opens at 10 pm and is a place, where theatre people and the public can meet, chat and relax. Closing time will be about 1 am, followed by a bit of clean up. (The Night Cabaret will be a few nights between June 1-12.)

FESTPAPEGØJE: You are a part of the event team in charge of planning and organising some of the bigger events during the festival – e.g. the opening of the theatre flea market or theatre industry parties. As Festpapegøje you are always part of a big team. Some of the main tasks will include decorating, serving and clean up.

BRANCHEBJØRN: You will be the host of the festival centre located at Folketeatret. You will get an introduction to the program – all its theatre plays, performances and events, so you are well prepared to answer questions. Some of your supplementary tasks will be helping out in the café, serving lunch and arranging the space for seminars and workshops.

CYKELMYG: You and a good friend of yours will bike to the city’s theatres and cafés with posters, programs, merchandise. Get plenty of fresh air and festival spirit and meet all the theatre people working at the festival’s venues. (Cykelmyggene will bike around the city between May 17 and June 12.)  

PRAKTISK GRIS: You are the one who really makes things happen! You will be helping out with the preparation of the festival centre’s party, flea market, seminars and more. It is an advantage if you have a driving license.

If you want to join our crew let us know what tasks you are mostly interested in by writing us an e-amil to

This year’s edition of CPH STAGE will be between June 1-12 and we will do everything in our power to make the festival an experience you never forget! We are looking forward to hear from you.