100 Choices

About the small and large choices in our lives Koreografkollektivet E.K.K.O


We make choices every single day. Right from the milk we drink to whom we share our lives. Some choices we regret. Some choices we don’t even realise as choices. After all do we have any choices that are actually detached from our social inheritance and coincidences.
100 people in the age of 4 to 93 years have told about their choices.

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  • Adelaide Bentzon (Director)
  • Karina Dichov Lund (Director)
  • Raphael Frisenvænge Solholm (Scenographer)
  • Rasmus Kreiner (Sound Designer)
  • Jakob Haahr Andersen (Dancer)
  • Andrea Deres (Dancer)
  • Benjamin Boe Rasmussen (Actor)
  • Jannie Faurschou (Actor)
  • Piet Kragh Gitz-Johansen (Actor)
  • Karina Dichov Lund og Adelaide Bentzon i samarbejde med holdet (Playwright)


Halmtorvet 11
1711 København V