Hamlet Private

Festival of Independent Performing Arts Secret Hotel


You have a front-row seat: The only seat… An exclusive experience – Hamlet just for you.

Secret Hotel offers Hamlet Private: a unique one-on-one performance that takes you on a personal journey into the world of Shakespeares Hamlet.
Without stage lights or other effects – purely by the performer Nini Julia Bang’s own storytelling and presence, Hamlet is created directly in your imagination. The show is based on your own life and the choices you make. Hamlet’s questions becomes your questions – his hesitation and his choices yours.

The show can be in danish or english – it’s your choice…

This event is in english

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  • Martina Marti (Director)
  • Martina Marti (Concept)
  • Emma Suominen (Scenographer)
  • Nini Bang (Performer)


Bohrsgade 19
1799 København