Tvind “The Musical”

Teater V


Fifty years ago, a bunch of young people bought an old bus. They wanted to change the world. So did they?

In a time of movements challenging the establishment Mogens Amdi Petersen founded The Travelling Folk High School and The Necessary Teachers Training College, which would later expand to become the worldwide Tvind empire.

TVIND ”THE MUSICAL” follows a group of strong individuals from the very beginning in the 1970’s until the mid ’90’s where Tvind faced serious accusations of tax evasion, embezzlement and social control.

New Danish writing by Andreas Garfield accompanied by working class songs from the period.


  • Jens Svane Boutrup (Director)
  • Julie Forchhammer (Scenographer)
  • Margit Watt Boolsen (Actor)
  • Sune Kofoed (Actor)
  • Martin Bo Lindsten (Actor)
  • Sune Skuldbøl Vraa (Musician)
  • Signe Mannow (Actor)
  • Linnéa Voss (Actor)
  • Andreas Garfield (Playwright)


Teater V i Prøvehallen
Porcelænstorvet 4
2500 Valby