1984 – Back To No Future

Teater Momentum

Selected as one of the highlights at CPH STAGE 2021


The internationally acclaimed art collective Gob Squad is now coming to Denmark.
It’s 1984 and the Cold War is in full swing. The Americans have invented a powerful new weapon: the music video. Gob Squad travel back in time to confront themselves as teenagers, the principal targets of this media revolution. They find themselves fearful of nuclear war, enthralled by pop videos, uncertain of who they might become. As the performers remember themselves and reconstruct the media fantasies of that time, they also start to dismantle what may have been written into the programming code underlying this colourful world of commercial pop. Can they re-programme their own story?

This event is in english


  • Sebastian Bark (Sound Designer)
  • Catalina Fernandez (Sound Designer)
  • Miles Chalcraft (Video Designer)
  • Noam Gorbat (Video Designer)
  • Ingken Benesch (Costume Designer)
  • Amina Nouns (Scenographer)
  • Chris Umney (Lighting Designer)
  • Christina Runge (Dramaturg)
  • Gob Squad (Director)
  • Gob Squad (Concept)
  • Johanna Freiburg (Performer)
  • Sean Patten (Performer)
  • Sharon Smith (Performer)
  • Berit Stumpf (Performer)
  • Sarah Thom (Performer)
  • Bastian Trost (Performer)
  • Simon Will (Performer)
  • Damian Rebgetz (Performer)
  • Tatiana Saphir (Performer)


Staldgade 26-30
1699 København V